Friday, October 26, 2007

And the winner is....

Phil and Ted’s Sport Buggy!
A couple of months ago, I wrote about my search for the PERFECT jogging stroller. My first inclination was the Phil and Ted’s, but I kept reading that you couldn’t jog with it or you could jog with it and it just didn’t sound like it would be great. I started considering this stroller:
The BOB Revolution Duallie.
I ended up deciding that I just didn’t like the idea of a double wide stroller, even though this one claimed to be very narrow for a double wide. Sidewalks around here are very narrow, so I would end up walking/jogging in the street, which are also very narrow. If I lived somewhere else (the states) I would probably have gone for the BOB. So, that put me back to the P&T. The thing that appeals to me most about this stroller is its versatility.
The second seat can go below or above the main seat, or it can just be taken off, if only one of the kids is with me or wants to ride. Plus, our single stroller is pretty much done, so I would have needed another single stroller after Ashlyn outgrew it anyway. I’m still a little bit concerned about whether or not I can jog with the stroller, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Apparently, some people have been able to jog with their stroller.
The fact that this particular celebrity owns this stroller did not influence my purchase.
The stroller has been ordered. We'll see how long it takes to get here!


Gina said...

Well, Speaking from the experience of twins and delivering one twin natural and the second twin by an unplanned c-section all in about 14 minutes....recovery is recovery. They have good drugs. You can handle WHAT EVER comes your way. I have faith that you will do fine, and all will turn out well.

KimS said...

I think you'll be very happy with that stroller! The only possessiveness we've encountered with Gracie when discussing the new baby is when we're reading the "big sister" book and it shows the baby in the stroller and the big sister walking alongside. She points at the baby, scowls, and says, "OUT!"-- which Aaron translates as, "Get TF outta my Phil and Ted's, Quinton!"

He tried to show her yesterday w/ her baby doll how she and the baby could both ride in the stroller-- just before we had to leave the house. He was promptly shut down by screeches of disappointment when she realized that a walk was not forthcoming from the stroller-strapping-in. Ah, well. She'll figure it out eventually.

Did I tell you that the front wheel locks (like a jogging stroller) OR swivels, and that seems to be the key to using it as a jogging stroller? I think some reviews online didn't realize that. I've used it on the beach and in the woods-- it's very versatile.

Laura said...

I can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Katie said...

That stroller looks COOOOOOL. I already have three strollers, when we have another kid, we'll probably get three more. I can't seem to ever have just the right one!