Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pretty, pretty, pretty

I just received this package yesterday:

The fabric for the baby's quilt! (I LOVE batiks.)

I basically have two months to start and finish stuff for the baby's room. I thought I was doing pretty well. I finished Ashlyn's quilt top at the first of September. I though that I was going to attempt quilting it with my neighbor's new quilting machine. Then we decided to move. This threw everything off schedule.

I should not have attempted to make two quilts at this point. I considered buying something for Ashlyn (the one I liked at potterybarnkids was cheaper than making one, plus way easier,) but Allen made me feel guilty for buying her a quilt, when I make quilts. Now, I realize that was totally silly, I made Ashlyn a quilt when she was a baby. Plus, every time I make a quilt for one of my children, I'm going to feel like I have to make one for the other child at some point. So, this is the last quilt that I will make for Ashlyn, until she gets married or much, much later than every two years.

Anyway, after we moved, I realized that I was going to need to have someone else quilt Ashlyn's quilt. I just have too much to do. I'll post a picture of that one, after it is quilted.

I must get busy sewing. After all, this baby CANNOT be born until his mother has made his quilt!


sara said...

We've had computer issues so I'm just catching up!
Can't wait to see the finished quilt!
I like the stroller you picked. We have a lot of customers that use that one & I know a couple of the are in a mommy/stroller exercise class her.
The next time someone tries to tell you their insanely horrible/easy birth story tell them you've already read the book. Confuses the hell out of 'em!
Happy Birthday, Allen!
Hope that didn't seem completely random but oh well, someday the computer will be back to normal!

christal said...

Hey! A belated happy birthday from me - I know no ones birthday except Sharons as it's on our anniversary, so i have to be forgiven. Plus Brad is just as hopeless.

I love every quilt I've ever seen you make - especially ours - no doubt the new baby's will be a treasure also.

I have been working on a cross stich for an eternity - I like the rythmic sewing and find I can immerse myself in it for hours. However I haven't had hours to spare so it has been sitting left incomplete for over a year! I admire your dedication to complete your quilts on time!