Thursday, July 26, 2007

Furniture, Ashlyn, and Belly

Let's see if I can actually write a coherent entry with all of the random pictures I have to share.

First of all, I am a little embarrassed that I asked what you all thought of the toile and gingham, especially after looking through my newest Pottery Barn Kids catalog. It is full of toile and gingham, and not for nurseries. I finally ordered my fabric last weekend, and am now just waiting for it to get here so I can get started. I'm ready to get going. As usual, I probably bought enough for two quilts. But, that way I just build on my stash. I have started looking for ideas for the baby's room in the mean time.

We FINALLY got our new furniture on the 4th. It was actually a couple of weeks earlier than we had anticipated. The problem was that we didn't come back from Italy until the night of the 2nd, so we couldn't get our loaner furniture picked up before the new furniture was delivered. So, our little living room had 3 couches, 3 chairs, and an ottoman. While I do like all of the pieces (which I was a little worried about,) the red chair and ottoman have become everyone's favorite place to sit, including the cat.

Living room with extra furniture

The furniture came with a nice booklet on how to care for your furniture, in three languages. Unfortunately, none of them are English.

Since our last furniture had a few pulls in it from Armand's claws, he now has "soft paws." They are covers for his claws to keep him from scratching.

On to Ashlyn:

She has become quite the mimic, more than ever. She has even started mimicking Ranger.
When Ranger would lie there panting, Ashlyn would do it. When he would turn on his side, she did that, too. A couple of days ago, she threw a handful of butter on the ground, and started licking it. I'm not sure if she thinks she is following Ranger, or was just trying to make me crazy.

Trying to get a picture of Ashlyn with pigtails

There are times when I think her purpose on earth is to test my patience, but then she will start dancing to her own singing, which is so cute. Her songs are not particularly original, generally just a repeat of words in a sing-song voice. Then, when I gave Ranger a bath today, she laughed for at least 5 minutes at his behavior and excitement after the bath. Big belly laughs. I love it! So much of the time she is a pure joy. I need to always remember that when she is throwing herself on the ground.

Ashlyn continues her fascination with my underwear. She was actually wearing 17 pairs around her waist.

She is quite the running partner for me. Sometimes she will yell, "run. run." I ran without her yesterday, and didn't know what to do. Where do you put your water bottle and keys without a stroller? I think I didn't use to run with a water bottle. I'm not sure how I made it. I have a crazy unquenchable thirst this pregnancy, though. That doesn't help.

So, I am now researching double strollers. I did not research anything for the products I bought/registered for with Ashlyn. I just picked stuff. I didn't really even look at what strollers were out there. I knew I wanted a jogging stroller, and they had one at the px that came with a good car seat. Well, the car seat is the top ranked seat, but the stroller, eh. It is already falling apart. And, really, while I've used it quite a bit in the summers, I had it for two winters in Alaska, where I did not use it hardly at all. And winters are long. So, this time around, I want a better quality stroller. I also want something that isn't too wide to shop, will work well in cities or on rough roads, can be used for jogging, and that will be comfortable for both children. I am finding that there is no perfect stroller. I think I've found one that I like, but I thought I was set on a completely different one last week. So, I'll wait awhile before ordering one. I'm pretty sure that I'll be ordering one from, though. Other places want to charge $150 or more for shipping. Oh, but they'll ship for free to the lower 48. Whatever.

As to the next baby, I had another doctor's appointment on Friday. Not much to report, really. The doctor that I saw didn't take that long on the ultrasound, and I could hardly see anything. The baby is fine,though. Here is the latest installment of growth pictures.

15 weeks


Tracy said...

Love the comments about Ashlyn acting like Ranger. That is William favorite thing to do and it drives me crazy. At times I have to tell William "you are not a dog, you are a person....stop doing....such and such". He then repeats, "I am a person, not a dog". One day I think he will get this. But the desire to drink water out of a bowl, wag his tail, and sometimes eat dogfood does overcome him....I have a ready made pet to replace Lisa should something happen. (Really though I hope not).


Harrisongranny said...

Ashlyn is SO beautiful! She is growing up right before our eyes....and turning into such a pretty little girl. I really miss being able to just see her sometimes!!

You're looking like you're pregnant, Angie!!

Your furniture is very nice....can't wait to see your living room when it's fixed with just your stuff.

Kiss Ashlyn for me.

KimS said...

On strollers:

Hoo, you may think I'm an idiot, but check out the Phil and Ted's e3 stroller. It's just what you need. Pricey, but maybe less if you can find it in europe....? (It's from New Zealand) I splurged on it (and I mean SPLURGE) with baby money from relatives and we adore it. Now I just need to fork over the $80 for the attachment, and we'll be all set for baby #2.

(oh gag, the site is all full of celeb sightings now. That wasn't true when I found it. And it's a great stroller no matter what famous nincompoop has one.)

KimS said...

Whoops. Looks like they've renamed it; it's the Sport Buggy now.

Angie said...

The Phil and Ted's was the stroller that I was sure I wanted last week. However, everything I've read has said that you CANNOT run behind it with the second child attachment. Maybe I'll let you get the attachment and then tell me what you think.

Oh, and nothing is cheaper over here. Except maybe beer.

Katie said...

Wait. You are RUNNING? While pregnant? Why? That sounds horrible. I prefer to think of pregnancy of 9 months of socially acceptable slothdom! Good for you, though! I am sure that is healthy and all that (but YUCK!)

Ashlyn sounds like a lot of fun and as usual, the photos are so cute! Are you guys finding out the sex of baby number 2?

Angie said...

Katie, I should have said "jogging." I don't jog very far or very fast, so don't be too impressed. You know, exercise during pregnancy is supposed to make childbirth go more smoothly, but I think that's one of those things that they just tell you. And, if you didn't exercise last time, yours went pretty quick, with no help from the hospital. So, it may really be a lie.

Oh, and we are not finding out the baby's gender. We like surprises!

Lysandra said...

A surprise baby? I couldn't do it. Anyways, I can't believe you look pregnant already! Time flies! It's too cute.

Laura said...

All that randomness and cute photos and all I keep thinking to myself is "I don't think I even own 17 pairs of underwear".

I really really hope that Bo doesn't start on the whole dog immitation thing because Chena has way too many issues for that to be anything but disturbing.

You (and your belly) look great.

Miss ya.

Heather said...

Ashlyn is getting so big and she's SO PRETTY!! I agree with Laura, WOW 17 pairs of underwear! And we have to assume that wasn't all of them! Have you looked at the German strollers because when we were there they were far superior to anything I could find online. They had much bigger wheels and "shocks" for their bumpy roads. I guess I don't know about for two though. Your furniture does look VERY beautiful! We miss you guys!

Angie said...

Joy told me the same thing about the underwear! You all need to buy more panties!

I actually LOVE the german strollers. If we'd had our first child here, I'm sure that I would have bought one. I haven't seen much for two children, though, and nothing meant for jogging. I need to shop more around here, I think.

begging you said...

PLEASE DON'T buy a double stroller! They are a pain in the ass for everybody else and another single will be better. If you (or Allen) are alone with both kids you can make Ashlyn walk or carry her in the backpack. Get that Genman stroller you want so much. Bob

Angie said...

Bob, I can't jog with Ashlyn walking or in the backpack. Plus, two single strollers would be a bigger pain than a double. The question is not whether I will get a double stroller, but which double stroller.

the common sense examiner said...

Oh, I missed that point about your planning to jog with a toddler and an infant - I should have also said "Please don't try to jog with an infant and a toddler!" Love, B/D/P