Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Catch up: Part two

Naturally, while we've been in Arkansas, we've been visiting family. These pictures are from Allen's Aunt Myrtle's house. The kids with Paw Paw Aunt Myrtle has the most tolerant cat EVER. The kids would pick him up, carry him around, lie on top of him. He wanted attention so badly he didn't even move. Ashlyn was in heaven.

At the end of the day, we all lined up for family pictures. All of us, some of us, couples, etc. This was my favorite photo of the day, Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill.

Ashlyn and Grandma Vicki


Anonymous said...

Poor Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary should have told him that face was way beynd silly! It looks more like a very serious health condition! LOL
That was a really nice day at Uncle Dave's/Aunt Myrtle's house. Thanks Angie for sharing your family time with us.

Love, Bob/Dad/Pawpaw

Laura said...

Oh I'm so envioius you are with family. Soak it all up.

Myrtle said...

It was great to have you visit. Hope we can do again soon. The cat does crave attention. It is the most loving cat.

Katie said...

Is PawPaw related to Allen? Because I feel like he has to be!

Cute photos! I am glad you are with family. Are you staying calm with everything going on with the move?

Swistle said...

Oh, what a nice kitty! I love pets who are tolerant of children. And also, I love your Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary immediately.

Anonymous said...


I am Allen's Dad and Aunt Myrtle is my sister, Uncle Bill is my much older brother -).

Allen's family is really great to be with. Grandma and I are always looking forward to the next visit that time and opportunity allow.


sara said...

I just got a little time to catch up on all the blogs & now I am even more bummed that I missed the shindig at Aunt Myrtle's! I love all the pics & no, you MAY NOT QUIT! How would I be able to keep up with you guys?

sara said...

PS- Could you send me a copy of the pic of Mom & Dad? It wouldn't let me just rip it. Annoying computer!

uncle Bill said...

Well, brother Bob, my elastic facial
condition is not a health issue. It
is a genetic thing, so you all are

Aunt Mary said...

I love all the pic's even the one of Bill and I. We had a wonderful time that day. visiting with everyone. Do not stop blogging and taking pic's, how else will we keep in touch!!!! Love you all