Sunday, April 05, 2009

Catch up: Part one

I'm so far behind on blogging I either have to just quit entirely (still not out of the question) or throw out a bunch of pictures of our past 6 weeks.

We put Ashlyn in my parent's bed for a nap. We thought she was asleep, but when I went to check on her, I smelled nail polish. She'd managed both a manicure and pedicure with less mess than I expected.
Ashlyn thinks the piano is for her to play and has told my mom that she needs to play only on the other end of the piano. I thought Christopher should try out the dress up clothes, too.
Random cute photo.

Ashlyn has finally figured out what a cheerleader should do, though she still doesn't get what a "hog" or a "Razorback" are. She told me that she was a hedge hog today.

We've had a couple of snow days. This was at the end of February.

Seriously, that really is snow on the ground. I know that it just looks like a heavy frost.

We've had pretty days, too. Christopher LOVES to be outside. I think that he looks like such a big boy here.

Not as much here.
Christopher has really started screaming a lot. He is just enjoying making the sounds and doesn't seem to notice everyone with bleeding eardrums. This day he was really bending over to "help" with the screaming. Or something.
And, our ballerina likes to be twirled.


The Dunns said...

Thanks for the update! Don't give up! I love catching up with your family.

Super cute kiddos! And, seriously, snow? ha!

Mommy Fats said...

Don't quit! I love catching up whenever you write. I'm probably as far behind as you! I love the picture of the kids by the window. It is so cute. Keep us informed (notice I didn't say "up to date"?) ;0)

Natalie said...

Ahh, who are you kidding! You won't quit blogging.

Love the pictures! What a cute little man!

Katie said...

Oh. That photo of them in their footie pajamas looking out the window made me catch my breath. Great photo!

Definitely don't quit. We'll read whenever you write! Taking a break is allowed!

Anonymous said...

Could your mother be teaching Ashlyn pedicure and manicure techniques when you're not around? Please don't take WC's girl dress up time too far and too long! They both are just getting better looking everyday! Ashlyn could pass for a cheerleader in the photo as long as you could hide her actual height! I am glad to see your Dad can give his Grand Princess Ballerina the twirls she needs! They both seem to be enjoying themselves. And let add my voice to those who say "no quitting" whatever it takes catch up or ketchup...please keep it up. The best part of my day at home is not as good as what you might consider your most feeble blogging - it's all good Angie.
Please hug, kiss and tell Christopher and Ashlyn "Pawpaw loves you."
Love, Bob/Dad/Pawpaw

Harrisongranny said...

I just LOVE Christopher's little red cheeks! Great pictures, Angie!

brenda said...

Ashlyn is so much like was too funny to see that photo! And, the picture of the kids in the jammies was precious!

The Matthaidess' said...

Don't quit blogging -- you'll probably start doing it more consistently once you guys move to CA. I know that for myself, I blog more for Ed's family, but it's also great to have friends take a look:-)

Laura said...

I agree with Katie - the picture of them looking out the window is priceless. Belongs in a story book. And don't you dare quit blogging. NOT AN OPTION!!

Myrtle said...

I just love the picture of the kids at the window. What's with the pink tutu?