Friday, April 10, 2009


A few weeks ago, we traveled to Kansas to see part of my extended family. Mark (my younger brother) drove from Wyoming as well. It has been far too long since we've (meaning Allen and I) seen many of these family members.

Mark and Christopher

The first afternoon we were at my grandparents, we walked around the block. The kids were excited to see horses. Then, right behind my grandparents' house was a calf and rabbits. We were there right in time for a feeding.

The next day we went to an estate auction. Here Mom and Ashlyn are checking out the goods. At Uncle Chet and Aunt Jeanette's, Ashlyn and Christopher were working on their screaming. We again did the family photo thing, though my flash seemed a bit off or something. Here is Aunt Marsha, Grandpa, Uncle Chet, and my mom. Don't know what was up with this photo, none of us could hardly smile, and I apparently can't sit up straight. It was the better of the two of this group. After leaving my grandparents, we drove to meet David, my dad's brother, and Julia for lunch. David and Julia have a bathroom decorated with fish, including the toilet seat and lid. Ashlyn loved it, and then wanted a tour of all of their bathrooms.

Here are my kids with Uncle David. Here are Ashlyn and Aunt Julia at the pizza place.


Anonymous said...

Your brother Mark looks more like your Dad as he gets older. Extended families must be growing at the same rate as the world population: doubling every 15 years! I'm sure the picture of Ashlyn and Christopher is much more cute than listening to them scream (I think you said something about bleeding eardrums once!) So Aunt Marsha and Uncle Chet are your Mom's siblings and Grandpa is your Mom's Dad? Ashlyn looks like a princess in her glasses at the estate sale. Good job Angie thanks!
BTW, where are you now?

Love, Bob/Dad/Pawpaw

Harrisongranny said...

Gosh....I wish I could've seen Mark! Is his hair cut? It's hard to tell in the pictures...

I do remember seeing your aunt and uncle at your wedding!

Happy Easter!! I think the Easter bunny is leaving something with ME for Ashlyn and Christopher!!