Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alpine Weekend: Zugspitze

Before heading home, we took the kids up to the top of the Zugspitze, which is the tallest mountain in Germany. We took the train up. It was pretty steep, and I felt like I needed to sit sideways not to fall into the laps of the people in front of us.

Naturally, the view was awesome.
Ashlyn really wanted to walk on the snow. We tried to let her a bit, but we weren't really prepared for it.
Of course, I was the only one who fell while walking back down. Allen didn't think to snap a picture.
From this first point, we took a cable car to the very top. We had lunch and just enjoyed the views. Allen went out on this ledge to be at the highest point. Ashlyn, Christopher and I stayed on safer ground. Allen is the guy waving.
Afterwards, we took the cable car all the way down.
Christopher did not like the cable car and screamed about half the way down. I'm sure it was his ears, but I couldn't get him to take his pacifier.
He was fine as soon as we got out at the bottom.


Christal said...

LOVE the photos on Flicker - especially the one of C smiling SO big! Also the other day I saw one of Ashlyn running with a sunflower that is a prize winning photo if I ever saw one! I saved it myself.

Katie said...

I didn't really know I had a fear of heights until looking at these photos....actually maybe it is a fear of really steep things. That cable car line makes me almost barf! Scary. I would have been crying too. :)

Natalie said...

I'm jealous! Matt wouldn't let us do it b/c it was so expensive/tourist trap, etc. The climber in him justified it by saying that he'd be back someday to climb it with one of his climbing buddies, blah blah blah.

I wanted to go despite his complaints and now that I see these pictures, I'm irritated I didn't put my foot down!

Sharon said...

Wow! What beautiful scenery!!!
As for Ashlyn's dental experience... that made me want to cry just reading it! Is there Fluoride in the water where y'all live? What kind of aunt (with a hygiene degree) would I be if I didn't inquire?

Anonymous said...

These are all great pictures Angie. The Alps are my favorite part of Germany.


The Far North Krabbenhofts said...

Those pictures were great Angie. We went up that cable car too and wow, it was awesome! It was a tad bit scary, but so amazing, it made it better! I remember that SO well!! Looks like tons of fun!