Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alpine Weekend: Berchtesgaden

Allen had a long weekend last weekend, so we headed a couple of hours south to the Alps. Beautiful!
Allen and Ashlyn, with Eagle's Nest behind them.
Just a pretty guest house by the lake.
We also took a boat ride on Lake Konigsee. It was a nice relaxing way to spend the evening.


Christal said...

o.k - so the alps beats CEC hands down. I love taking day trips - plus it always wears J out, it looks like Ashyln is having a great time in every photo. Angie every picture of you traveling since last month has you in the same blue shirt - you are so like me - once i find something that works - i stick with it. Was that the first time you had left C for such a long time? Is he on solids now a lot? does he like the European food? When you come back I may smother him with my hugs ... he is WAY cute - you do a fabulous job with him and Ashlyn.

Katie said...

Wow. You guys are just go-getters! It looks so fabulous there!

Angie said...

Christal, don't pay attention to what I wear. If you do, then I have to! I did notice that I'd worn that traveling a lot. I actually have two blue shirts that are almost exactly the same shade. Swear. I didn't do it on purpose. I don't have a lot of clothes, though.

I'd never left Christopher for more than 4 hours before. He's still eating pureed food.

jae rin said...

I've only been to 2 places in Germany--Berchtesgaden and Munich. Berchtesgaden was beautiful. I was there for a conference where I was presenting a poster for my lab. So I didn't have a whole lot of time to sightsee so I didn't get to go to Eagle's Nest. I remember a cable tram ride though and a view of a beautiful lake. I also bought a lot of knives (and stuck them in my check-in baggage.)It is so nice you get to travel and see all these beautiful places!