Sunday, September 14, 2008

Always with the Random Posts

Messy Painter. Takes after her Mom. Baby Smackdown: Don't let that little girl tutu fool you. Eavan is tough!
Princess Ashlyn plays soccer. Ashlyn started soccer a few weeks ago. She's playing Smart Start soccer, where they just learn the basics with their parents. Ashlyn really wants to throw the ball. And, yes, she was wearing a dress with her jeans and soccer shirt. Picking my battles. The kids were supposed to run one at a time with their parents. When the coach said start, they ALL started running.


Katie said...

What is with that baby smackdown picture? I can hardly stop myself from trying to reach into the computer and save whatever baby that is (Christopher?) who is being so abused!

Angie said...

Christopher was not even complaining. Otherwise I would have rescued him rather than snapping a few pictures!