Friday, June 06, 2008


The World's Worst Bike Ride

Last summer, we bought a double bike trailer. Ashlyn loved "her bike," but it had been awhile since we'd used it. Even though our trailer warns against riding with a child under a year, I figured that was just a suggestion. I pulled out our head support from his car seat for a little extra help. While Christopher has decent head support, sticking a big helmet on his head threw that off. Of course, the fact that the smallest bike helmet I could find was rather large wasn't helping. As you can see, he was not thrilled from the beginning.

As I started riding, Ashlyn called out to me that I was going "too faster." I slowed way down and ended up riding the brakes all the way down the hill. When I looked back, I realized that Christopher's helmet had slipped down over his face, and he was peering through the holes in the top. I stopped several times to push the helmet back onto his head and just pull him off the side of the trailer. Ashlyn was quite cranky when we tried to stop downtown, so I headed back home. To get back to our house, you must go up a rather steep hill. Even if you'd felt great the rest of your ride/walk, this hill would make you want to die. I'd only ever pushed the kids up this hill in the stroller. When I tried to stop at the bottom of the hill to again push Christopher's helmet back onto his head, the bike and trailer started sliding backwards down the hill. Ashlyn started freaking out that "we're falling. We're falling!" While Christopher hadn't seemed to mind the bike helmet too much up to this point, he'd either had enough or was also stressed by Ashlyn's screaming, and he began to cry. By the time I pushed the bike and trailer up the hill (no, there was no riding) he was screaming. Ashlyn kept crying about "falling" and going "too faster." The only thing that could have made the ride even better would have been if Ranger had been with us, pulling the other direction.

New tricks

On Sunday, Christopher discovered his feet. By Tuesday he'd managed to get them into his mouth. When I told Allen about this, he asked if this was a milestone or something. Well no, but it sure is cute.

Christopher is a big KICKER. He learned about kicking and flailing about in the bath tub. He makes a huge mess every time he takes a bath. Since then, he is kick, kick, kicking everywhere! He kicks in the car seat (when it isn't in the car) and really gets that thing rocking. He looks like he's trying to take off!
He's a pretty smiley baby, but I think he reserves his biggest grins and laughs for Ashlyn. I've felt bad for him not getting as much individual attention from me, but he gets a big sister instead.


Yesterday morning, Ranger discovered one of these:

in our yard. He scratched at the hedgehog, as it balled up. I dragged Ranger inside to let the hedgehog leave the yard. Ranger just barked at the windows. When Ashlyn got up, we went outside to look at it. This made Ranger spaz even more as he ran barking from the front door to the back, repeatedly. That hedgehog just took his time getting away. He meandered through the yard, snuffling and sniffing around, as if there wasn't a dog wanting to get him the entire time. I finally let Ranger out after nearly two hours, where he sniffed the yard sufficiently and then quietly came back inside for a nap.

Weekend plans

I want to go to a medieval festival and, perhaps, swimming. It sounds like Allen will be working all weekend, so I'll probably be on my own. The sudden appearance of clouds this afternoon does not seem like a good addition to my weekend plans. What are you doing this weekend?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the picture of Ashlyn and Christopher in the Bike trailer...poor Christopher's head looks like it is going to fall off while Ashlyn is smiling away!

The weekend...I worked 10 hours last Sunday and long hours all week so hopefully it's a quiet one at home.

Grandma Vicki

Natalie said...

I don't know why a single company doesn't make helmets smaller. For the longest time, we just let Lila go w/o. We had the same issues. Lila hated the bike trailer for the longest time. She's ok with it now. But the nearest biking spot is about 40-50 mins away and we got lost last time we tried. Matt won't go again until we track down trail maps (it's off-road biking) and they are no where to be found online or at the park service desk.

I hope that you're able to check one thing off your list this wknd. I always feel somewhat accomplished if we do at least one planned thing.

I think a food/kids fest tomorrow late afternoon, maybe the beach or a Lisbon walking tour in the morning. Sunday, Matt's playing Axis and Allies with a friend. I got a sitter and hope to dress shop. We have two semi-formal events coming up and I have NOTHING to wear. I ordered several dresses that will, most likely, not fit at all or will need to be altered - which I won't have time for. I'm forced to shop here, in the mean time, b/c who knows when they'll come in. Not only is the US dollar weak (read: how can I find something nice that is reasonably priced?), I am faced w/feeling fat when trying on clothes since most Portuguese women are a size 2. I'm not joking. I'm considered very fat by Portuguese standards and most of the clothes I've tried on here do not fit me right.

Since all our events are international events and the European women dress to KILL, KILL, KILL, I always look like a sloppy, fat American-no matter what the event (they dress up even at non-formal events). By Sunday night, you can picture me in tears b/c I doubt I will be successful in the dress purchasing dept and will be screaming at Matt that I won't be attending either of the events until he lets me hire a tailor who can make something for my fat arse. I should have just ordered a dozen dresses as soon as we got here months ago, when I realized this would be an issue, and kept ordering until I found something(s) that worked.

Harrisongranny said...

Finding his feet IS A MILESTONE for Christopher! I just love to see babies playing with their feet...I think it's fascinating to watch.

Ashlyn is so pretty....even in her helmet! Christopher is hilarious!

I know the hill you are talking about....NO WAY could I ride a bike with a trailer up that hill! Walking is absolutely enough....

Love your new pictures....

amanda said...

Your blog always makes me smile, Angie. And, occasionally, belly laugh.

Beth and I have had strep throat FOREVER, so instead of hauling ourselves up to Missouri for a family reunion this weekend, I think we will hang here and do a little painting in the kitchen. Yes, that kitchen. That I started painting in January.

I felt better today for the first time, and Dad and Debbie and her other granddaughters took Beth out to play for a few hours, so I mowed and weedeated the entire yard. Now, I feel like checking in at the hospital, but I think I may at least have a slight tan.

Miss you! I'll send some photos one of these days soon.

Laura said...

Sorry Ang, but I was cracking up about your bike ride. I know it sucked, but just picturing the chaos was funny. Thanks for the laugh.

The Dunns said...

Ha! Thanks for the laugh!

I tried a bike stroller when Daniel was 6mo. Didn't work. Had to wait for the next summer. When he was finally old enough, I was pregnant again (I did it a couple times but it was exhausting!). Then, next summer, Mikey was to little. Summer after that, I was pregnant again. (Does it ever end?) And now Ezra's too little, not to mention the fact that I can't fit 3 in my trailer.

Anonymous said...

I have had numerous bike trailer experiences like the one you described, so I can truly sympathize! For me, I'm always surprised at how much harder it is to pull those little guys in the trailer than it looks like it should be. ESPECIALLY up a hill! I'm so glad that 2/3 (for the time being) of my children can now ride their own bikes!! My life seems to go like Holly's, I'm either pregnant or else have a baby, so it never worked out, I thought I was done with that....! :)

sara said...

The look on Christopher's face is priceless! That helmet's almost as bis as he is! And Ashlyn's just as happy as can be!

Anonymous said...

too cute and too funny! love the update. thanks. well the weekend is almost over now - but I did have plans which kind of fell through as my friends 5 month old was out of sorts after the long drive so dinner was off and instead I brought her cheese cake and calmed her bubba down. It is 97 degrees - Brad thought it would be a good idea to go to the aquarium. It wasn't. i will post pictures of all of us sweating soon - whenever I find that darn camera lead!

love christal.

The Smith's said...

What a trip. Your right, Ranger would have made the trip better;)

Speaking of, I can hear him howling at the hedge hog. I miss good ole Ranger Danger. Give him an extra biscuit from us.

Oh, and the pictures are priceless. Christopher's face says it all. What in the world has my mother gotten me into?