Friday, June 06, 2008

Passau-Danube/Danau Cruise

Ashlyn and Bella looking over the side Home on a cliff over the water
Castle and walls
Ashlyn and Bella on the street (Small world/small army aside: Bella's dad Damon, who lives in the other half of our house, went to school with our friends Kevin, who we met at Fort Benning in 2002, and Larry, who we met at Fort Campbell in 2000. Oh, and Allen and Damon actually met at ROTC basic in 1996.)
View from the playground, where the kids could run around and the adults could enjoy the view, and run around after the kids


f said...

The Danau is beautiful. I love how it meanders and that you can just look up and see centuries old dwellings.

It is good that Ashlyn is growing up around other children. I think I hadn't talked to anyone not an adult until I was nearly six. She is getting a great start!

The Smith's said...

How awesome that you have a connection to your neighbors (friends). What a small world! That is so great that Bella is the same age as Ash, too.It is really nice to have someone close to you with kids around. I look forward to being done with school so we can get out and met people our age with kids. We have noone in the local area the go "play with". Fortunately, Wilson does go to daycare on Monday's. So he is socializing with other children that way. He loves it there. He only goes for 3 hours but it is three hours well worth it.