Monday, June 09, 2008

Burglengenfeld Medieval Festival

We did make it to the Medieval Festival. It was pretty small, but we still had a good time.

First, we went to the castle, where really just the outside walls are still intact.

Then ,we walked through the market.
The musicians came through the streets frequently.
Ashlyn most enjoyed the fountain
and getting to ride a camel!

She was a bit scared at first, but then started enjoying herself. I was pretty surprised, since she wouldn't ride a pony last year. The camels were much larger and stinky.

Christopher just enjoyed his nap.


Katie said...

I LOVE Ashlyn's dress--especially with her wreath on her head. That is such a beautiful photo!

And, I cannot BELIEVE she actually just rode a camel all by herself! Very brave. I think I would be scared!

Natalie said...

That looks like so much fun! And, I too love Ashlyn's dress!

Way to go for riding a camel!

Harrisongranny said...

I LOVE the wreath on Ashlyn's head...and her dress! I hope you got a good picture of her in that outfit?

My word, Christopher has grown longer! He's about to lose that chubby-faced look....unless it's just the way he's sitting.

WONDERFUL pictures, as usual, Angie!

The Smith's said...

Christiopher IS growing like a little weed. He is changing so fast.

I love the camel ride... how fun. I TOO am impressed with her camel riding skills. Too bad you couldn't hop on. That is not your everyday camel ride. I mean, she was riding a camel in the streets of Germany. Not at some dirty ass zoo and walking in a circle. How fun!