Thursday, May 29, 2008

Week Roundup

On Saturday we went with our neighbors to Passau. We went on a river cruise and then walked around the city for a short time. The weather was perfect. Passau was beautiful, and the kids loved going on the boat. Ashlyn stood at the side of the boat, laughing and dancing with Bella most of the time. It would be awesome if I could share pictures with you, but I FORGOT MY CAMERA. My neighbors do plan to share their photos with me, so I might be sharing them with you later.

We've had a fairly social week (well, mostly Ashlyn.) We had a barbecue with the neighbors and a couple of other guests on Monday. I made homemade ice cream. I put the ice cream freezer outside and ran in and out of the house checking on it. At one point, I smelled something burning and looked outside to see flames coming out of the top of the freezer. My first thought was that I had burnt ice cream! I unplugged the freezer and then filled a pitcher with water and doused the fire. Fortunately, the ice cream was still good. The ice cream was frozen, but the motor was still trying to turn. So, we need a new ice cream maker. We went to Mattie's house and played on Tuesday, then Mattie came to our house on Wednesday to play. Mattie brought bubbles with her.
Ashlyn has been playing with our neighbors every afternoon from shortly after they come home until bed, just breaking for dinner. They are either in our house, their house, or outside. I must take pictures of them on their trampoline. Ashlyn loves it and would be on the trampoline right after breakfast if I let her. I love that we have neighbor kids that are friendly. Ashlyn has slept VERY WELL every night, though on Tuesday night she was still awake, reading, when I went to bed at 10:15. I couldn't believe it, and expected crankiness the next day. Instead, I had to wake her up just before 9 so we could run errands.

Ashlyn painted yesterday afternoon. Naturally she ended up painting her face and hands as well, which is when we cleaned up the paints. She did learn how to mix orange, though, and was very excited about making a new color. My camera or flash or something wasn't working right in these pictures.

I didn't take enough pictures this week to have a good one of Christopher. I do have news, though. However, you must read these next lines in a whisper. I'm afraid if I say this out loud, it will end. Christopher started sleeping through the night again. He's waking up a tad early, especially since Ashlyn has been sleeping later, but I'm not complaining. Yeah, sleep. Shhh.


Brenda said...

Was the icecream maker hooked up to a transformer? WOW! I think it is too funny how Ashlyn colors on herself. You are so lucky to have Mr. Christopher sleeping through the night. Check out my blog to see how that is going for Ella.

Natalie said...

Sleep problems all-around here. Lila, who USED to sleep through the night, is up 1-2 times. I don't mind the 6:00am nursing b/c she goes back to bed until 8:00-8:30. I'll take that. But, she's also up once between 11:30-4:30. I had planned to night wean her starting last night. But, Matt's away and I got sick. Of course. Then, Liv has started to get up earlier every day. This morning was 6:30. Typically, I don't let the kids out of bed until 7:00 (and I'm MEAN about it). But, today I was too sick to deal. She let me go back to bed until 7:30 while she watched TV (when I'm sick, I could care less about TV being on) so, that's good. It probably has something to do with her 2-3 hour naps in the afternoon. If she doesn't get from nap until 5:00pm, I shouldn't expect her to sleep in the next morning. Time to readjust nap again. I can't wait until sleep issues are long in the past.

Ashlyn's dresses are so cute. Liv likes to dress herself in mismatched clothes lately. We need more princess and/or fancy dresses around here.

Anonymous said...

Hey - great news on sleeping for everyone! I had thought Jackson was doing better at sleep - but most mornings he comes into our bed at around 6 ish - then falls back asleep with us until 7:30 ish. However he actually goes to sleep in his own toddler bed with no rails all night - and there have been like 4 nights this past fortnight when he slept right through until 7:30 ish before comming into us. Those are the best nights ever as I like waking up by myself = even if my toddlers feet are cuter than anything I don't want them in my face at 6am. I find he doesn't sleep through the night if i don't do his night time bath/read/bed thing - and i go into his room to settle him down as he just sits on his little bed and cries.

Harrisongranny said...

Oh, my POOR LITTLE grandson. Sitting on his little bed crying....

I can't stand it!

Swistle said...

Oh, I don't know---that ice cream maker still looks usable.