Monday, February 04, 2008

Promotion and Baptism, in pictures


Allen and Joy

Allen with other guys who were promoted the same day

During the baptism
With Chaplain Godshall
Posed picture afterward

And, the comparison shots of Ashlyn after her baptism (the biggest difference I see is that I have a much better camera now. Oh, and my children look nothing alike.)


The Far North Krabbenhofts said...

He looks so adorable! What a precious little baby! You're right, they don't look a whole lot alike! You look great in the pics Angie! Congrats to Allen too! What a great accomplishment!

The Dunns said...

Congratulations! Your camera rocks! I'm really disappointed with mine. That'll teach me to fall in love with looks & price (small and cool looking) instead of performance.

So, are we talking about Major Harris now? Wow!! Way to go!

Katie said...

He looks a lot like Allen to me. But yet, he also really looks like you! Beautiful photos! Congratulations to Allen!

Harrisongranny said...

Well, Brad's christening gown has gone AROUND THE WORLD...beginning on Brad 29 years ago in GERMANY...then on Ashlyn in ALASKA...then on Jackson in TASMANIA....and now on Christopher...right back in GERMANY again! How wonderful is that....the "family" gown that I hope will continue traveling....maybe to BOSTON next?

(By the way....ALL the babies who have worn this gown are especially BEAUTIFUL!)

christal said...

Thank goodness the gown arrived - I have been stressing over it's arrival. Christopher is so beautiful and looks very thoughtful already. Angie - we grow some big boys! Jackson was huge as well and grew out of a lot of his newborn things after a month. He was also a HUGE puker! I mean after EVERY feed, and in between he would hurl - I was told I was overfeeding him - so cut back a bit and that helped a lot. Aparently their tummy hurts as it doesn't get a rest from digesting, so they hurl to give their tummies a break. Made sense to me. He has always been a puker though..... he can be quit selective in his puke... once he puked up one pea - (he didn't like peas at this stage and I made him try one after his meal at about 7 months) I kid you not.... just the one pea came up! Then just the other day he puked up some carrots which were given after a big meal - just the carrots came up and not the other heap of stuff he ate. I don't know how he does it! Also --- don't stress about the puking thing and eat as normal - he is gaining weight and sleeps great, you are doing a fantastic job! Congratulation to Major Allen! Lovely that Joy could be their to see the promotion and Baptism!

The Dunns said...

Hey Alan
Er ... ah .... Sir ... :)
Proof positive the Infantry is desperate to promote he-he.
Congrats -love and hugs your ole' Chappy "Steve"
p.s guess where the Army is sending me?! Yeap back to our old stomping ground.

Natalie said...

Wow, time flies. Before you know it, our husbands will be crusty old infantrymen! Congrats, Allen.

Pictures are wonderful. You look fabulous. I'm jealous. I have to drop 20lbs. But, wonder if it's worth all the trouble before we get pregnant w/number 3.

sara said...

Angie, you look fantastic!
Christopher is so cute & Ashlyn looks like big sisterhood agrees with her.
Congrats Allen! I'm still not gonna call you sir!

grandma vicki said...

What beautiful pictures. I'm glad that Joy was able to be there. And, while the grandbabies who have worn this gown are beautiful I think all my grandchildren are especially beautiful- we sure are blessed!

Anonymous said...

what kind of dress do you have on that boy?

Angie said...

That's a baptismal gown. He still looks like a boy in it, though, huh?

Lysandra said...

He is BEAUTIFUL...congrats.