Friday, February 08, 2008


I meant to put these pictures on here as they occurred, but, whatever, it didn't happen. Anyway, while my parents and Allen's mom was here, they traveled a bit, and we traveled with them a very little bit. So, here are the pictures.
While Christopher and I were still in the hospital, Allen and Ashlyn walked around Regensburg. The day before they left, we all took the train and walked around seeing a few different things.
My parents went to Rome for a couple of days while they were here.

view from the dome at St. Peter's

My parents went to Nurnberg by themselves, and the rest of us went with Granny while she was here.

Ashlyn and Granny on the train

This is our stroller with two children in it. Christopher is underneath Ashlyn.

View from the castle in Nurnberg

Joy traveled to Heidelberg while she was here.


Katie said...

I don't get how Christopher is UNDER Ashlyn in that stroller! It makes no sense to me!!

Beautiful scenery! How nice to be so close to all that wonderful stuff...

Grandma Vicki said...

That is strangest two child stroller I've seen. I don't see how Christopher can even breath!

I'm glad to see everyone got to do a little touring while they were there. Thanks for the great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Babies are such resilient little creatures.....we just have to occassionally lift Ashlyn up an inch or two, allow Christopher to take a breath, and voila!! No worries.

If we forget, he usually manages to eek out a little "yelp" or something. Too easy.

The Dunns said...

Angie - you're so funny! That stroller looks great. Same size as a regular stroller but fits 2. Nice!

Great photos. It must be so fun to live in such a beautiful, historic area!

Natalie said...

Stroller is way cool!