Saturday, February 02, 2008

Chunka Chunk

This week, we've really noticed that Christopher has ... rounded out. Some of his 0-3 month clothes are too small. So, I weighed him Friday night. 12 LBS!!! at 4 weeks! That seems incredible to me. If he continues to gain at this rate (which I doubt), he'll be 20 lbs by 3 months, a weight which took his sister a year to reach. So, onto the pictures of the chunk.

Christopher is a good baby. I thought Ashlyn was a pretty good baby. She slept quite a bit, including a decent amount at night. But, she also cried inconsolably for a few hours every evening from about 2-8 weeks, and then most evenings until she was about 3 months. So far, Christopher only cries when he needs a diaper changed or when he wants to nurse (which is always, so we aren't surprised by the weight gain.)

Though he isn't crying a lot, he is very grumbly. Some of the time, the grumbles let us know that his belly hurts, like right before he hurls all over us and everything around us. Sometimes he grumbles in his sleep as well, though. So, he is sleeping in his own bed now. As far as sleeping, he's doing pretty well, for a 4 week old. He sleeps 4-6 hours between feedings at night. And, sometimes just as long during the day.

I already mentioned the hurling. Christopher is quite a puker, and it seems to bother him. Plus, it is just so much. So, for the last two weeks, I have stopped eating dairy, chocolate, carbonated beverages, beans, onions, and garlic. It might be helping him. I'm not positive about it, especially when I have Girl Scout cookies in my kitchen calling my name. And, oh they would be so nice with a glass of milk.


Natalie said...

Lila was our projectile puker and extreme pooper. Matt called her, "poops" b/c of the amount and frequency of her pooping. And her puke was so bad for several weeks that I had an appointment w/an ENT at about, oh, I don't know - 6 or 8 weeks. I was certain she had an extreme case of reflux even though Maj. Talburg told me it would ease up by three months. She constantly puked and slept horribly unless she was up in my arms or elevated. It was horrible. And, the amount of puke. I couldn't believe such a huge amount could come out of such a little thing. At any rate, a day or two before our appt., it got a lot better. So, I skipped it. No idea what it was. But, it lasted weeks! Hopefully, your little guy will get better soon.

I never even thought to change my diet. Maybe I should have! I'll have to think of that next time if it's a problem.

The Dunns said...

Adorable! I love big, beautiful breastfed babies! And happy, easy babies are so nice. Ezra is like that & I love it!

jame said...

He sounds like Wilson. Serious. Just like him. He puked ALL THE TIME. The doctor suggested that I try and pump before I nursed b/c I was making SO much milk! (I was pumping 8 ounces at 4 weeks- and you know a one month old stomach does not usually hold that much.) She said that he was most likely over eating- suprise, suprise. I never really pumped before (maybe once or twice) but I did try feeding him on one breast per feeding. That helped his puking tons!(he still would, but much less) and sure didn't slow down his gaining. You've seen the pictures... He is huge.

Michelle Cuthrell said...

Your kids are stinking ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Katie said...

I can't believe he is already sleeping so well! That is nice! The kids are adorable!