Saturday, February 02, 2008


Christopher, 2 weeks
Ashlyn, 3 weeks

Ashlyn, 4 weeks
Christopher, 4 weeks
Christopher, 2 weeks
Ashlyn, 2 weeks


Natalie said...

You can tell that they are related, however, I think they really look a lot different. Which, I think is a good thing. It's fun to see the vast differences we're capable of creating. I think Lila and Olivia looked exactly the same for the first month before Lila started to reveal that she wasn't going to be a blue-eyed blondie. I'm still amazed, each day, that Matt and I created two very very different children - looks and personalities.

Does Chistopher look like he'll keep the dark hair?

Katie said...

You know, I think they look more alike in these photos than in the baptism ones! I love that you put these up like this. How fun!