Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Baby Hippo

Ashlyn was going to stay with Heather (and baby John) while I went to my doctor's appointment today. We've been going to these weekly workshops, so I was just going to leave early, having Heather take Ashlyn home with her. However, someone was messing with the microphone and turned it on to an incredibly loud white noise type sound. It was truly terrible. It was so loud that you wouldn't be able to think to leave the area. I covered Ashlyn's ears, as she covered her eyes. The other babies started crying. I was kind of shaking. Of course, it didn't last very long. Ashlyn doesn't get over loud sounds very easily (she does LOVE the sound of her own screaming, though) so her day was pretty much shot. She sat on my lap in terror, afraid that the loud sound would start again. When we got up to leave, she didn't want to move, she just covered her eyes and kept them covered until I got her safely into her car seat. She has also been talking about the "loud noise" that made her cry and "hurt her ears" all day, plus she has just been more clingy.

So, that is the background of why Ashlyn was at my doctor's appointment. She actually did very well. She had a few snacks and her dinosaur book to keep her occupied, as well as the strings on her new dress. She was able to see the baby in the belly. I'm fairly certain that she didn't get it, though. She said something about the baby sleeping, but then pointed at the screen and said "hippo." (which, by the way, is just as good as Allen's most recent name suggestion.) Of course, she was also in the room for, ahem, other parts of the appointment as well. At the end of the appointment, she was definitely ready to leave. She told me to "get up" and "let's leave."

Can you see baby hippo's face?

I was so distracted by Ashlyn being at the appointment, that I forgot to ask about the horrible indigestion I've been having. I have another appointment in two weeks, so I can ask at that point.

Lately, Ashlyn has been hiding from me when I want to take pictures. She'll run away or turn her head or make an ugly face. I thought she had decided that she didn't like having her picture taken. No, she just doesn't want to do it when her hair is fixed and she is wearing a cute outfit.You know when Mom wants to take pictures. But, she'll pose like crazy with her hair in her face and naked! "I want more camera!"


Alaska Dunns said...

Ashlyn is adorable! Baby Hippo is pretty cute, too.

Jamie Lynn said...

Those picrures of Ashlyn are GREAT! Glad that little hippo is diong well. I can;t believe you are already at your 2 week check ups. Time is flying. Do you need anything before "he" arrives.

Speaking of "he" do you think it is going to be a she or he? I know you are going to tell me you don;t know but I thought I would ask incase you have changed your mind.

I need to hear the name that Allen has suggested. Especially, if it is just as good as hippo .

Katie said...

Those photos are WONDERFUL! You always take such good ones! Are you still using your external flash?

I cannot believe she did well in your appt. Becca would have been digging around in the medical waste bin and licking the floor or something. Way to go, Ashlyn!

Anonymous said...

I love reading you posts! They are so funny! Ashlyn is hilarious! I hope that all is going well with you guys. Say "Hi" to Allen and Ashlyn for Ed and I.

Harrisongranny said...

ooooh....I SEE...I SEE....said the blind man...

Natalie said...

Hippo-cute. Indigestion-uck. I had it very bad with both my girls. So bad with Olivia that the acid sneaking up into my mouth and out my nose (I'm serious) caused some mild tooth decay. I had never had cavities before. And, while these weren't full-blown cavities, they needed repair anyway. The dentist told me he could tell the acid was eating away at my teeth. Ick. Anyway, with Lila, I couldn't eat anything after about 5:00pm. I suffered later if I did (as in could not sleep, was in pain, etc). Until Aciphex. You can ask Holly about it. It's a category B or C. But, the midwives said it was safe. It was that or more damage to my teeth and possibly my throat and who knows what else.

By the way, your pictures are great.

sara said...

Hippo! That is hysterical! And what name could Allen possibly suggested? Hmmm...
A frind of ours is having twins & after telling Max what the names might be he said "No, no, no! Its Jorn & Jack! Can you say Jorn? And Jack?" He has not budged from that in over a week!

The pics of Ashlyn are great! Such a cutie!