Thursday, November 08, 2007

Send Money!

When the state series quarters were introduced, Allen started saving them. He bought two collectors books for quarters where, unfortunately, you collected both the Philadelphia and Denver mints of each coin. I ended up being the person who collected the coins for him. It takes awhile for quarters to circulate, especially to Alaska, so since moving there, our collection is WAY behind. Since we now live in another country, where we only use dollars on post, I'm assuming that circulation will take even longer to make it over here. So, I'm asking for state series quarters. At this point we need:

  • 2003-Philadelphia mint-Maine, Missouri, and Arkansas

  • 2004-Philadelphia mint-Florida, Texas, Iowa, and Wisconsin

  • 2005-Philadelphia mint-Minnesota, Kansas, and West Virginia

  • 2006-Philadelphia mint-Nevada, Colorado, North Dakota, and South Dakota

  • 2006-Denver mint-Nebraska and North Dakota

  • 2007-Philadelphia mint-Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah

  • 2007-Denver mint- Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah

(I'm not even sure if all of the 2007's have been released.)

I realize that I am begging on the internet for money. I will be happy to send the equivalent in dollars back to you. And, really, it is only $6.25 for all of these quarters.

Oh, and when 2008 rolls around, just assume that we need those, too, so another $2.50.



Harrisongranny said...

As ya'll know...John hordes money...he's gonna look tonight and see what he has....if I know him...he can send them all!

grandma vicki said...

Let me know if there any he can't find and I'll raid the piggy bank.

Farrah said...

I am happy to send you a 2007 D Washington. E-mail me your new address, and I'll send it on its way.

Farrah said...

I found a 2006 D Nebraska too.