Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Halloween Withdrawals

On Halloween, we just let Ashlyn eat whatever candy, until closer to time to be home. (This was really only about 5 pieces. She eats slow.) Since then, the slowdown on candy has taken its toll.

11/1 6:15 am
Ashlyn: (whining) I want candy.
Me: No, you can't have candy for breakfast.
Ashlyn: (whining and stomping of feet) I want candy, Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Black bag.
Me: No Ashlyn, you cannot have candy until after dinner (which is 11 hours away!)
Ashlyn: (more whining, throwing self on floor) Candy, candy. Trick or treat. I want candy.
Me: No. Do you want cereal or muffins for breakfast?

A similar dialogue continues several times a day EVERYDAY. The candy addiction was fed by a package in the mail from a well-meaning grandparent. To keep from having to throw away most of the box, I may have eaten every regular tootsie roll. Finally, the last of the candy was thrown away.

Ashlyn: (more whining) I want candy.
Mommy: Ashlyn, there is NO MORE candy.

Halloween - The dressing up is fun. The candy gets to be too much.


sara said...

Wow, does that sound familiar!

Farrah said...

My dinner was Tootsie Rolls on Saturday night, and I am nearly 31 years old. There is no stopping Halloween.

Jackson said...

Gotta love the Candy! sounds like she has a sweet tooth.

Laura said...

Bo's the same way, only he can't ask for it. The other day I went in the kitchen and found him standing there with multiple suckers unwrapped and switching off between them. I didn't think he knew where the stash was, but apprently I was wrong.