Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Allen!

I guess 2nd birthday?

Today is Allen's 32nd birthday! We celebrated on Monday with a birthday pie. Allen gets birthday pies rather than cakes, because I don't like pie and only make them for special occasions. (When we first got married, I told Allen that I would never make him pie, because why would I make an entire dessert just for him? Before we had reached our first anniversary, I had not only made a pie, but I picked the blueberries to make it.)
Pie crust efforts. In the right hand corner, you can see the wadded up first efforts.
I peeled the apple in one piece. Never done it before, so I documented. (Jamie, I finally have a decent peeler!)
Ashlyn's contribution to the pie making.
And this (hole in the pie crust)Armand's contribution
Apparently, it was successful.
We celebrated Monday, because Allen left for training on Tuesday. He was able to get permission to come home for the day(he spent the last two birthdays in Iraq,) so I ended up making him a birthday cake, too. Of course, the cake making was not without a bit of drama to start out my morning. You may not be able to tell in this photo, but this is the aftermath of an oven fire. I put in two sticks of butter to soften. Once one drop of that butter melted onto the burners, fire. I first threw salt on it, before I remembered baking soda.
We had a nice afternoon and evening together as a family, with a long walk and an extensive game of peek-a-boo with Ashlyn and her daddy. (She was covering him up and then looking around the house for him "Daddy, where are you?")


Harrisongranny said...

Yes, that was Allen's 2nd birthday...seeing the picture when I opened your blog made me cry! I can remember making that cake in a glass pyrex bowl...we were in Germany THEN, too.

Happy Birthday, Allen. I love you.

Katie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALLEN!!!! That picture looks EXACTLY like him. I could have guessed that was him in a line up!! :) I can't believe you made a pie and a cake. I am with you on the pie thing--why would you eat pie when you could have CAKE? Hello!!!!

Jamie Lynn said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Allen!!!

Glad you finally got a good peeler Mrs. Crocker.

Miss you guys.

Laura said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one starting oven fires but atleast you were smart enough to use salt, I used a fire extinguisher and can we say . . . meesssssyyyy!

Happy Birthday Allen.