Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Belly Shots

28 weeks

I had been trying to take belly shots around the same time as my doctor’s appointments (just to keep them all about 3 or 4 weeks apart.) Since I had been such a slacking blogger, my last post was about my doctor’s appointment, so I felt like I should wait a bit or something. Now it has been almost 2 weeks since my appointment and I am now taking photos (I’ll once again blame my laziness, no, procrastination on moving.)

Anyway, my doctor’s appointment was fine, great actually. I saw the doctor that I just love. And, it isn’t because she speaks perfect English (you hardly detect a German accent,) but because she is just a wonderful doctor. First of all, you feel like you could be the only OB patient she has seen all day, even though you know better. She just seems very interested in what is happening with you and your baby. During my second ultrasound, the baby moved the whole time. She kept laughing at the movement and seemed so excited about it. She does ultrasounds all day long. I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t get boring. So, the questions that I had last time, I was able to ask her. She didn’t just tell me the answer, she would also tell me why. She laughed at me when I told her that I kept trying to run after I started hurting, just thinking that it would get better, until I finally couldn’t even walk. She just said that my body was obviously trying to tell me when to quit, and I should listen. I wish that I could just make all of my appointments with her.

Another thing that I like about the clinic here is that they don’t talk about your weight. Though I am weighed at every appointment, I was never told how much they expect me to gain during my pregnancy or how much I should gain before my next appointment. And, they record my weight in kilos, which is a much smaller number. Even though I know about what I’ve gained, it is nice to not have that emphasized, though I think I would be less anxious about gaining weight this time anyway.

The baby is still a mover. He was really poking at my belly where Allen could see it last night. When I said that it was getting annoying, I’m over that. Feeling the baby move is the best part of pregnancy.

27 weeks. I was really just trying to document the scratches that were somehow inflicted IN MY SLEEP all over my belly. You can't really see them in this photo. They are along my right side.


Alaska Dunns said...

You look so CUTE! I love the belly! (Though I am so glad that I am not there any more.) I wish I had documented this pregnancy more. You will have so much fun showing this baby the pictures when s/he gets older.

This was an incredibly uncomfortable pregnancy for me, but within 48 hours of delivering, most of the aches and pains that I had had for months were gone and I felt great! Curves 3/week up till the day I delivered really helped, so stay active. Maybe not with running -- silly Angie -- but keep going with some type of activity. (Do what feels good; if it hurts don't do it.) It will make a huge difference in how you feel after you deliver. Also, I am sleeping so much better now. All the pregnancy insomnia is gone. Of course, that's probably b/c I'm so sleep deprived that I take any opportunity to sleep that I can get. But it is nice being able to fall asleep easily and stay asleep until baby is hungry.

Take care of yourself. This is so totally worth it. New babies are amazing! Can you believe I'm actually thinking how much fun #4 might be?!?!


Natalie said...

You look great. Maybe you should try swimming. Even if it's just grabbing some "dumbells" and "jogging" in the deep end. I did that with Olivia and felt weightless. I suffer from tendonitis even when I'm not pregnant (I have a condition that agrivates it). So, during pregnancy, I had really bad tendon and ligament pain. The water really helped. I didn't swim nearly as much with Lila and paid for it.
You have a great belly. Are you going to cast it this time? I didn't even think about it with Olivia. But, did it with Lila, painted it gold and ended up liking it. Even if it ends up in the basement on the wall someday, I'm glad I did it.

Laura said...

Love the belly pics. Love them. I know I have said this many times, but I sure wish you guys were still here. It was great talking to you today. I hope you get some sleep tonight. 4:30 is way too damn early.

Angie said...

Holly, I remember some of the symptoms that I had with Ashlyn being gone almost immediately (no heartburn!) I am still trying to walk, but it is much harder to get motivated now that it is cold. I would probably be in much better shape if we were in a warm climate. I'm still walking a few times a week, just not every day as I had been. And, NO, Holly, I cannot believe that with a week old baby (and two older boys) you are considering another! Crazy!

Natalie, I am such a poor swimmer, I don't think I will go that route, though I've thought about it because it is supposed to be so great during pregnancy. And, I think I'm going to skip the casting. I have paintings and now a little too many photos of myself pregnant, I think a cast might be overdoing it a bit.

Laura, let's all just move somewhere warmer, OK? It was great talking to you, too. And, keep your fingers crossed: I bought a clock for Ashlyn's room, and we looked at it at bedtime and talked about how she couldn't get up until 6. We'll see if she gets it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie, I love your belly pictures! That baby is growing, it doesn't seem possible that it's been that long since we saw you last. Time goes by so quickly. Still holding out on finding out the sex, huh??!! :) I'd have caved by now. I'm so glad you have at least one great doctor there, it is too bad you can't request her every time. Hopefully she'll be the one that delivers you!! Can you believe only a couple more months and you'll have a new baby!! :) Yay!! I love to snuggle with new babies and sleep with them on my chest.

I hope the clock works with Ashlyn. I thought about buying an outlet timer and plugging a night light into it, setting it for an appropriate time and telling my boys that they couldn't come out of their rooms until the night light was off. Alex is an early riser, but nothing like 4:30. He occasionally gets up before 7, but usually it's right at or just after 7. The other two will sleep until 8 or 9 for Nicholas. I can tell he's getting older when I have to wake him up at 9:30!! Craziness!!

Take care of yourself and your babies! Much love!

Natalie said...

Heather may have a good idea with the timer.

I remember that you did a great painting of yourself pregnant. A cast may be over doing it.

Oh, I didn't do laps or anything of sort while pregnant. Just walked in the pool, long strides across the shallow end and then used the foam dumbells they have at most pools and jogged in place in the deep end. You can really work up a "sweat" doing that. But, you aren't actually swimming. It feels so good b/c all the pain goes away while you're in the water and I would even forget I was pregnant...until I lugged my heavy belly-self out of the pool.

Jamie Lynn said...

LOVE the belly shots. Even though I have know you are expecting for some time now. There was something about this post that made me go...."ANGIE IS HAVING ANOTHER BABY!" I am so excited. It's like you told me all over again...