Saturday, September 08, 2007

Predictions, Names, Pregnancy stuff

Earlier in the week, I dreamed that I had a boy, so that is my current prediction. I read this evening that more than wives' tales, mothers' intuition was a better predictor of their baby's gender. Of course, I'm 0-1 right now, so don't count on blue just yet. Of course, in my dream, my recovery was also pain free. Hopefully, my dream predicted the entire process! (With Ashlyn, I dreamed that you picked up your babies from the back of Safeway. I took one of each, and continued my grocery shopping with one in each arm.) As far as the predicting goes, the baby already seems to be more active than Ashlyn was (though I know it is early yet.) That also makes me think a boy, a rowdy boy, not that our little girl is a delicate princess or anything. It's kind of funny that we spent all last time and so far this pregnancy wondering the gender of the baby. We could have found out the gender of the baby during the last ultrasound and had it confirmed at every ultrasound after that. But, what would be the fun in that?

As far as baby names go, we haven't been hit by any kind of inspiration from particular names yet. Well, not any agreed upon inspiration, anyway. I would like to stick with our boy's name from last time, but Allen doesn't seem as crazy about it this time. The first name is my favorite name of all time, though. I think it is beautiful, even though it is in the top 10 boy names. I don't care. It's also a family name, so bonus. Allen seems stuck on finding a girl's name that I think is awful. I do not want my daughter to have a name that sounds so "country" (to put it nicely.) Of course, we are having a boy, so I could just pretend to go along with Allen's name, since we won't need it anyway. At the very least, I want to have a name (x2) chosen before the birth. I know that some people (close friends and family included) choose their name after the birth of the baby. I guess based on what they look like? I don't think that I could do that, in part because I think that they just look like what you name them. Plus, they change so much in the first few days and weeks. But, I guess whatever works for you. We still have 4 months.

As for sleep updates, I am not going to write that Ashlyn has been sleeping much better. If I didn't already know better, I learned from my post about how I've been feeling this pregnancy. The week after I wrote all the great things like not having heartburn, the heartburn began. Then, my back and head started hurting almost constantly. So, I've learned my lesson. I will not tempt fate.

Ok, somehow I'm still awake when I really thought I would be asleep on the couch hours ago. (I've been too busy online researching baby names and baby gender predictors.) No matter how well Ashlyn might possibly sleep, hoping that she will sleep past 6 am is just a dream.


Alaska Dunns said...

Oooo, I just heard this week that the more heartburn a mother had during pregnancy, the more hair the baby will be born with. So, girl or boy, sounds hairy. Apparently, this is scientific stuff, with certain chemicals or hormones responsible for both heartburn and hair. All I know is I never have had heartburn and all my babies are born bald.

Angie, I'm dying to know what names you are thinking about. Your post is such a tease! Are you going to wait till the baby arrives before you share names? Some people go to the hospital with two or three names and decided after the baby is born based on personality and "what fits." We always just had one family boy name picked out and we were never sure about a girl name -- good thing ours are all boys.

Laura said...

I wish I could be around to hear all the hideous names Allen is throwing out at you this time around. But as you well know, we are not super decisive on names, so I am probably not much help to you (but if it means anything, I do like your boy name from last time - super classic and cute). Keep us posted.

Sleepless in Spokane said...

I wish I could agree with Holly; that the heartburn meant hair. However, in my experience that is not the case. Wilson is 6 month old and bald as can be.

Dreams: I had lots of girl dreams. LOTS. She had curly brown hair and blue eyes. At least you are having a baby in your dreams.

Names: You know us. We are right there with the Maddens. But you need to share the names your shooten down. I want to hear the country version of Julie.

Wish we could rub the belly and give you our prediction. No clue here though.

sleepless in spokane said...

"At least you are having a baby in your dreams." I should have finished that.... and not a dog ;)

Katie said...

I also heard there was an actual study that proved heartburn and baby hair growth were related! Weird!

I agree with everyone else. We need to hear these names. John actually suggested naming our daughter Petunia. I'm not even kidding.

I, too, loved your boy name from last time!

Angie said...

I'm afraid to share names. Allen won't let go of the terrible ones, and any bit of encouragement would make it worse. So, here goes. He likes Adelai for a girl. I DO NOT at all. I said Elizabeth and his suggestion was that we could call her "Liza." Of all the pretty nicknames for Elizabeth, plus the fact that Elizabeth is pretty to start. Ugh.

The boys name from last time is Christopher Colin, and we were going to call him by his middle name. I really love the name Christopher and would prefer that was the name we called him.

Alaska Dunns said...

Those are all great names. Adelai is such a pretty sounding girl's name but the only Adelai I've ever heard of is the (male) vice president. But it has a really nice sound to it. Christopher and Elizabeth are great, too. So traditional compared to Ashlyn. Liza is ... well ... interesting. :) You don't meet many Lizas. ;)

One thing I enjoyed doing before our kids were born was actually letting Steve name them. He was very proud to have that honor and it kind of took the pressure off me. We talked about a couple names that we both generally liked and he made the decision. I wasn't sold on Michael (the idea of him being called Mike wasn't my favorite) but that's what Steve picked and he is such a little "Mikey" that nothing else would fit.

Also, you and Allen can call him different things. I (and almost everyone else) call Daniel Daniel, but daddy calls him Danny and that's their special nickname.

Have fun! You have plenty of time and your little darling will become his or her name no matter what you pick.