Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And another pregnancy update

I had another doctor's appointment today. A "special ultrasound" (which is pronounced pretty much the same in German, but with a German accent) was scheduled for today. Basically, the ultrasound was just more involved to look for any potential problems. So, we spent quite a bit of time looking at the heart and spine, really. We got a couple of good views of the baby's face. Unfortunately, the pictures didn't print very well, and translated even more poorly from the scanner. So far, I am really happy about the care at the hospital here. Some things are kind of weird, like peeing in what is basically a dixie cup, and just leaving it open on the counter where everyone else's pee cups are sitting. And, modesty is pretty much out the window, no gowns, sheets for cover. But, in addition to an ultrasound being part of every appointment, this particular ultrasound was much more involved than any I had with Ashlyn. I really left there feeling like everything was fine with the baby. (By the way, no, we don't know the gender. We'll find out in January!)

Ok, I told you that the pictures didn't transfer well. They are both profiles of the baby's head. The bottom picture is with his hand's in front of his face, sucking his thumb.

In addition to my care being different here, so far, this pregnancy has been pretty different. I wasn't near as nauseous during the first trimester, though nausea has clung a little bit this time, hopefully that will improve. Since I wasn't as ill, I was able to keep exercising this time, instead of taking a bit of a break to lie on the couch and puke. I do not yet have heartburn. (Keeping my fingers crossed, and I should probably not have mentioned it.) I am not craving ice cream, (which I wanted last time EVERY DAY) or anything in particular really. I even have ice cream that I'm pretty sure is bad in my freezer (While reading this, my father is thinking "this is not my daughter." Ice cream was NEVER thrown away in our house.) For a couple of weeks, I wanted chocolate, but not necessarily good chocolate. Mostly chocolate milk, though I would have been happy to eat a pan of brownies as well. Occasionally, I MUST HAVE something in particular, like the salami sandwiches at the backerei across from the hospital (Yes, I said salami. I would never have eaten them before, but the combination of yummy bread, cucumber, and the cream cheese spread is just incredible.) I have gained approximately the same weight that I had at this time with Ashlyn, and I started feeling the baby move during the same week. That was last week, and that is really the most incredible feeling. He (pretend that is a gender neutral term, I just can't say "it") moves more and more every day, but it is still too faint for Allen to feel. I was a little worried that I hadn't felt the baby earlier, since I'd read that you often feel the baby sooner in the second pregnancy. Oh, and I also have problems sleeping this pregnancy, both getting to sleep and staying asleep.

Oh, and while I was emotional last pregnancy, and all of the time, really, I have reached new levels of crazy person emotional. I started crying a couple of nights ago over the smallest issue, ever. The worst part is that I realize that I am being unreasonable. Anything dealing with deployment doesn't just get me tearing up, I start BAWLING. Allen is not about to be deployed. He shouldn't go ANYWHERE for more than a month or two at the most for the next 3-4 years. I didn't freak this much last time, and he DID deploy shortly after Ashlyn was born. My goodness, I hope that this is pregnancy related, or I need some help.
So, based on old wives' tales, since my pregnancy is so different this time, I should be having a boy. Of course, based on wives' tales I was told last time, I should have had a boy. Since I was certain that I was having a boy last time and was quite wrong, I am making NO predictions. Allen thinks we are having a boy, and he was right last time. Of course, with a 50/50 chance, who knows? Allen just bases his predictions on what he WANTS the baby to be, anyway.

Ok, three posts in one evening and I am ready to go to bed now. I leave you with belly photos.

7 Weeks

11 Weeks

15 Weeks

19 Weeks

(I didn't think I'd gotten much bigger this month. Guess I was wrong.)


Michael, Joy & Family said...

No baby yet! I can't wait!! I just became a new exciting, thanks to you and a couple other friends I was able to steal ideas from your blogs to slowly start my own. Hopefully you will be able to view it although I am still learning how to send it to people. You look great! I didn't take belly pictures up to this point but I will post one at almost 38 weeks, should be pretty funny! Kind of scary, actually!
Anyway, cry, cry away! That is totally normal and after being pregnant three times now I will tell you that each one is different and each day. Like you said there are days when you will cry about nothing, I always tell Michael, I just am having a moment and he knows that at least he is in the clear..ha ha! Take care of yourself and try to rest as much as possible.
Michael & Joy

Katie said...

CUTE little belly! Thanks for the update...I have wondered if there are big differences the second time around. That is weird about the ice cream thing. You also just got me salivating over the salami sandwiches. I wish I had one RIGHT NOW.

Have you started talking about the baby to Ashlyn? I can't wait to see her with the little babe! I TOTALLY thought Ashlyn was going to be a boy, so now I'm just confused and can't predict anything.

Anonymous said...

I like that you wore the same shirt for the photos. It's a great idea, generally, to spot weight gain. I'll catalogue that idea in my "1,000 things I could remember but probably won't" place.
As for the salami craving, I think it's from living in Germany, as I have had the craving for 9 years and have zero children. I did not consider salami to be food until I moved to Europe. Now, the last time I had it was yesterday after work.
I'm glad you are feeling good physically.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys are having a great time! Ed and I loved Austria when we went last year. This year it's going to be Rome and Malta, as you know. Hopefully Ed will be able to take great pics like you and we'll put them up on our blog as well.

You look great! And, it sounds like everything is going well with the baby. Keep in touch....


Jamie Lynn said...

Looking good. That little one is growing right along. Before you know it it will Jan. Oops, did that freak you out? Sorry. You know we love and miss ya!! Keep the belly shots coming.

And I'm with Katie and the Ash questions. What does she think so far? Is she touching you beautiful belly?

Tracy said...

I just love seeing your belly get bigger! It is so cute! Loved the posts on Vienna and Ashlyn. She is so sweet. Wish one day she and baby Harris 2 can meet Paulie and William. Have a good day tomorrow.


Laura said...

It feels so wierd to have you pregnant and not here. I loved witnessing all of the first one and feel so deprived with this one. I miss you guys.

Angie said...

We have been talking to her about the baby a bit, but she doesn't seem to get it. I think as the baby gets bigger where she can feel him move, plus getting everything ready or the baby will help. Right now, she loves babies, so our biggest concern may be that she will carry the baby around.

And, yeah, I'm a little freaked out that I am halfway there, and how am I going to handle TWO children when one child and one dog make me bananas nearly every day. Actually, it isn't the two children, it is the two year old and a teeny baby who needs so much attention. If this one could just start out needing me less, that would be great. Ok kid, do you hear me?

Anonymous said...

I so remember my time in the German hospital and all the appointments with the doctor there. I was a little nervous about the no sheet to cover up with thing at first, but definitely loved the ultra sound at every visit. I was shocked when I came back to the US and didn't get an ultra sound at each appointment. They really wanted me to stay in the hospital for 5-7 days after Nicholas was born, but there was no way I wanted that. I think they let me go after about 4. Garland was only a week away from deploying, so I was able to get out a little early. I roomed with two other women, both Germans, who talked all day long and ignored me. It wasn't very fun. Plus, they never showed me where the shower was and I was too nervous to ask. Good grief! :) Make sure you ask where the shower is! :) Everything will be fine though, you're much braver than I was at that time. I was only 22 and new to the army, etc. etc! Plus I had only been in country 6 weeks, so knew very little of the language, you'll have a much better grip on things. Hmm....I didn't mean to tell you bad things....sorry! Make sure you bring a robe, slippers, and books!! Love ya!