Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vienna, Day 2

Ashlyn is ready for the day, with glasses, backpack, and her naked baby Kaia. (I could not convince her to put clothes back on the baby.)

In front of the Schönbrunn

Can you find Allen and Ashlyn in this picture?
This is the back gardens behind the Schönbrunn

In the morning, we headed to Schönbrunn Palace, which was the summer residence of the Hapsburgs. It was incredibly beautiful. The palace grounds are massive, and includes a zoo. Ashlyn enjoyed the playground in the labyrinth area. There were nice paths everywhere where quite a few people were running. I like running around here, but wow, what a gorgeous place to go running.

In front of the fountain behind the palace

View of the rear of the palace from behind the fountain

More views of the palace, this time from the private garden
Another random building near our hotel

That night, we walked around town a bit, just looking at the outside of a few places. We will probably be going back to Vienna while we are here, and we have a few more things that we would like to see.

Building in the Hofburg Palace complex

water fountain in front of parliament


Katie said...

That is SO cool. You take wonderful photos. I love the whole connotation of the word "Vienna!" It just sounds so beautiful and romantic.

Ashlyn looks like a celebrity with those glasses!

sara said...

Wow!!!! Can I say anything else?
The pics are beautiful! I am so jealous!
Max's comment on all the pics was simply, "Why the statues naked, Mommy? They need to put some clothes on!"

Laura said...

I want some glasses like that.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time! We went to Vienna over New Years and had a very different experience! Still lots of fun, and if I remember right, we visited many of the same places, but there was snow on the ground and it was COLD! We had fun too though, but I think the summer looks nicer! :)