Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vienna, Day 1

Allen had a four day weekend, so we went to Vienna. We took the train down Friday and came back Monday.
Vienna is a beautiful city, with great public transportation (which really seems to be the case everywhere.) Just walking around and looking at the beautiful buildings would be a great trip. On Saturday we went to St. Stephen’s and the Kunsthistorisches Museum. If you are going to Vienna, I would recommend skipping St. Stephen’s.

St. Stephen's

It wasn’t incredibly impressive, especially compared to other cathedrals. Kunsthistorisches, on the other hand, was full of beautiful art work. in front of the Kunsthistorisches Museum

front of the museum

After taking the backpack carrier to Italy with us, where it just became something else to lug around and then leave in our hotel, we decided just to let Ashlyn walk or Allen could carry her. That is just too exhausting, so we will no longer be traveling without a stroller. We haven’t seen ANY strollers in museums, though, so we might be leaving it at baggage check constantly.

random buildings. I love the sculptural aspects.

Ok, survey time. What color is Allen's shirt?

I was trying to get a picture of Ashlyn dancing to this guy's music, but he brought her over to help him play. She wasn't too sure about it. And, her dancing, I don't believe is improving. When she really gets her arms moving, she reminds me of Elaine Bennes. Allen tried to get her to kick her legs like Elaine as well.

And, Ashlyn was as impressed with Vienna, as she was with Italy.


Katie said...

I still can't believe she can fall asleep like that! Were you just going going going during her nap time or something? I think that is great that she can just konk out!

Beautiful photos!

Jamie Lynn said...


Love the pictures.

Laura said...

I agree - it looks green to me.

And like Katie, I too, am envious that Ashlyn can and will sleep anywhere. That is the complete and utter opposite of BO.

Jamie Lynn said...

So what color is the shirt?

Angie said...

I say green. Allen mistakenly believes that it is yellow.