Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unpacking and LT Dan

Our stuff is here. We have too much stuff! It is very difficult to move into a smaller house. I am not close to having everything unpacked, and in most rooms I have already had to pack stuff back into boxes, where it will hopefully fit in the already overstuffed basement or attic. Ashlyn's room is HUGE, though. It is at least twice the size of her last bedroom, and the closet is actually only a little bit smaller than her old one. We never kept toys in her last bedroom. Right now, almost all of her toys are in her bedroom. There is still plenty of room, but nowhere to put them. As in put them away. Right now they are just piled on the floor. We had baskets in different rooms in Alaska, but it looks weird when there are so many baskets just piled together. (Not that it looked great before, either.) Shelves are needed, in several rooms. I am surely not cut out for this military life, though. I am already dreading the next move. I'm going to have to unpack AGAIN. The transportation guy came on Tuesday and was saying that we have a small house (thanks, we already knew that.) Allen told him we could certainly move into a larger one. NO WAY am I moving again in the next few months. I painted every room in this house, and I'm now unpacking everything. NO WAY. So, if Allen stays in the military until retirement, that is 11 more years. At least 4 more moves. Ugh. But, enough negativity. We are making progress. I can see semblances of what our rooms will look like. And, I am going to like it here. And, Ashlyn has been so excited to have her things back. Like her chair at the table. And, her little table and chairs. Honestly, a lot of the things that I couldn't put away in our kitchen, we don't use anyway. We already have 3 boxes of things to take to the thrift store.

Our kitchen as it was being unpacked. At this point, every shelf and drawer are already full of stuff that is in the wrong place. As the guy started unpacking more boxes, I told him to stop.

Oh, the LT Dan Band performed in Hohenfels on Tuesday night. (So that you know this is Gary Sinise's band, aka. LT Dan from Forrest Gump. They raise money and perform for troops. )We were all planning on going, but Ashlyn had been in day care all day, and it would be late. It just seemed like a bad idea. Allen went though and had a good time.

LT Dan

Ok, Ashlyn is asleep and I need to use this time for more unpacking.


Anonymous said... I NOT see a dishwasher? I can't remember if you already mentioned that.

After a few more moves, you will learn to appreciate having to go through things and get rid of STUFF! I have now learned that staying in one place means LOTS of stuff never leaves the premises!!


Angie said...

Oh yes, we do have a dishwasher! I would definitely have mentioned that!

much experienced with moving said...

Pack...unpack...give away stuff...hey sounds like a simplified lifestyle to me! Glad to hear that you like Germany - you'll have a great time and want to come back many times...Love, B/D/P/

Allen, professional child-hair cutter said...

Hey Brad, check back next week and we'll see how a full "bowl" haircut turns out!!!:) ha, ha.

Oh, and the LT Dan ban was really cool! They are basically just a cover band, playing lots of different artist's songs, but they were fun and gave a great show. Gary Sinise has a great reputation amongst troops for his support, so support him back!! Screw all the rest of them hippie celebs!!!

Tracy said...

Love the post and totally understand about the smaller house. The house here at the Ranger Camp is small....we were offered a four bedroom, which we could have 4 months after living in this one...and I, like you, had just painted EVERY room. I told Kevin "No way!" we will make do and do just fine. And now, we like it. It forced us to get rid of so much stuff. Goodwill LOVED us this year. The only extra stuff we carry around now is William's baby clothes for when Paulie is bigger.

Love the kitchen pic. Looks nice and cozy!

Good luck unpacking....I understand the need to get it done and also the love of the Army and all those fabolous moves....gotta love the Army.

Tracy said...

Love the comment by Allen....the professional haircutter....I see you chose baircutter over stylist....I guess that comes with the bowl cut.

Grandma Harris said...

Hide the bowls Angie!

Anonymous said...

Gary Sinise rocks, for so many reasons, including his rock-solid support of the troops. Thanks for sharing all of your amazing photos!

Arkie Amanda