Monday, May 07, 2007

Haircuts and painting and things

Only one more night sleeping on an air mattress. Just one more day of eating our meals on the couch (which wasn't that big of a deal before Ashlyn, but now....) That's right, our household goods are coming tomorrow! I am so ready for everything to be here and so ready for someone else to unpack it and put it all in the perfect place. Oh, wait, the movers don't do that for you.
Does this bed look comfortable to you????

We had/have loaner furniture with beds, table and chairs, and all that stuff. We decided to keep the couch and chairs since we won't have our new stuff until JULY. I called to have the loaner furniture picked up, thinking Monday. Somehow they could pick it up only Friday or wait until Tuesday. So, we've been sleeping on a leaky air mattress since Friday. I discovered that the mattress had a hole on Friday night, but only had masking tape to fix it. It really just makes the mattress leak more slowly. When I go to bed, it isn't too bad. When I wake up during the night, it is less comfortable as you sink to the floor. By the end of the night, you are pretty much sleeping on the floor. I realized yesterday morning that having Allen in the bed with me actually made it more comfortable. I guess since he is the heavier one, he pushes the air under me in the mattress. Yesterday morning, when Ashlyn woke up, I mumbled something about could he get her. As he got out of bed, I sank to the floor. I should have just gotten up for as comfortable as I was. I did manage to go back to sleep for another hour or so. During this time, Allen started Ashlyn's breakfast, changed her clothes, and CUT HER HAIR! It was only her bangs, but they are not straight. At all. Everyone looking at her will have to think "home haircut." He just said that her hair wasn't in her eyes anymore. I had planned on taking her to get a haircut. From a professional. It was going to happen, but I don't have a car. That was the only reason that it hadn't happened last week. I was also hoping to grow out some of her bangs, so they weren't so thick. This would require that she always have some kind of barrette or band or something in her hair, but I wanted it to happen. Allen cut the thick bangs, though. So, we still need to see a professional for a haircut, but at least her hair isn't in her eyes. Hopefully, Allen won't attempt to even it up.
Cute kid with a BAD haircut
I'm sure that you have all been waiting to hear my decision on painting behind the radiators. First I left the wall white in the guest room. I didn't like that, even though it was off by itself. I decided to just paint a little bit behind them and see how that was before going the whole way. After painting just a little bit behind them, I realized that painting the whole wall, without making a huge mess and painting the radiator as well was pretty much impossible. So, I'm ok with how it looks. As of yesterday, I have finished painting the house. (Unless I decide to repaint the dining room and hall, which is a distinct possibility, or paint flowers or something in Ashlyn's room, another pretty good possibility.) This house seems rather plain with my paint right now. I painted many more colors in our Alaska house. Of course, I had more rooms to paint there as well. Plus, I painted the kitchen to look like we had a tile back splash, and here we have a tile back splash. I also couldn't paint the bathrooms, since we have tile covering the walls.
As for potty training news, there isn't any. Every once in a while, she'll show some interest, but for the most part, she just isn't ready. We did buy Elmo's Potty World DVD, though. It pretty much cracks me up (Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter P and the number 2,) though I think it is a pretty good video for introducing a child to all of that.


Brad said...

Well done, Allen. I think she looks great.

Angie said...

Whatever, Brad. Brothers just sticking together.

Katie said...

I don't think her bangs looks too thick! Also, they just looked "texturized" with Allen's "styling."

The paint looks GREAT! I'm impressed you have already done all that!

Vicki/Grandma Harris said...

I thought we explained to Allen when you were here why we went to a professional to get bangs cut. Just like we said...they aren't straight so you keep cutting.

Christal - Hid all the bowls when Jackson is old enough for a haircut!

the boat captain said...

What's all the fuss about bangs...?! She's so cute that she can make anything look right! Her eyes are so pretty and there is so much mischief in those eyes as can almost hear her saying "If you think Daddy did a poor job, just wait until I get hold of those scissors - Mommy will do a P+2!!!" LOL Love B/D/P

Anonymous said...

I, too....think her hair looks cute! I couldn't tell that they had been "home-made".....I just wondered how Allen kept her still...and didn't POKE her eye out!


sara said...

I'm with you Angie! Boys!
She is cute no matter what though & with bangs you can camoflage it a little bit. Ian cut half of Max's hair once & Kool Kuts did the other half after he figured out how wiggely a 18 month old is. It took forever for the little buzzed patch in the back to grow in! ;)