Friday, May 11, 2007

Allen's Help and Possessive Ashlyn

I am a worrier. I know it isn't helpful to worry about things over which I have no control. It really isn't helpful to make up things to worry about, either. But, I do both of these things. I sometimes can't sleep because I am worrying about things. Last week, as we were going to bed, I mentioned to Allen that I was worrying about something. I won't tell you the specifics, but it was along the lines of: if A happens, then B could happen, which would surely cause C to happen, which would be terrible. Allen, of course, told me that I was being ridiculous, since if A and B happened, C wouldn't happen or wouldn't be that big of a deal, anyway. That was fine. The problem was Allen's next comment, "If you want something to worry about....worry about where we are going to put all of our stuff. Worry about how we are getting to Italy. Worry about where we are going on block leave." Why, oh why did he feel the need to give me MORE to worry about? My made up worries were causing enough problems!

Ashlyn has begun a possessive stage. Everything is "mine." She tells the dog that her food is "mine." She calls me "my mommy." She does this with just about everything. This morning we may have reached the limit, when I smelled something suspicious. I checked out her diaper, and she said,"no, my poop." Yeah, definitely not ready for potty training.


the wisest parent in the world said...

A, B and C ... that's not too bad... when all or most of the other 23 letters of the alphabet get involved in your worrying then I think you may have something to really lose sleep over, but A, B and C... you've got things well under control! Sounds like Ashlyn is seeking reassurance in a new place - my home, my Daddy, my Mommy: you all will care for me and love me and be mine (and I'll be yours) forever wherever and whatever (even the P2 stuff!). At least until she's a teenager...! You need a break! Love, B/D/P

Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

Happy Mothers Day Angie! Love, B/D/P

Laura said...

I love the "no, my poop" comment. I can so see her saying that. Priceless.

BTW - we finally got internet at the house today so I am back in the loop. Yippeee!

jame said...

"my poop" is he-freakin-larious!!