Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Photos from our Walk

Ok, we have only been here a month, and so we haven't been crazy traveling. (We live here, we aren't just here for a few weeks or even a few months, we have time. anyway.) Ashlyn and I (and Ranger) have walked a lot in our little town. I keep just trying new streets, getting a little turned around, but it's a very small town, plus the church and a castley looking thing are on top of the hill-easy landmarks. So, here was our walk on Sunday.
This is the front of our home. We are the third one from the left.
Here's the bahnhof. Ashlyn loves to hear the "choo-choos"

Here we are starting to walk along the main shopping street.

Cigarette machine. They have these plus gum and candy machines just along the streets.

A pretty hotel

Sign for the eis cafe -yum! Also, a couple of other shops and restaurants. For such a small town, we have quite a few restaurants. There is even a McDonald's by the autobahn. Fortunately, Ashlyn doesn't know what a happy meal is, so we can avoid that. The Golden Cross is one of the restaurants in this picture. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

This is the walkway up to the kindergarten. This is the grade school.

Here's the hospital in Parsberg. The hospitals here are very specialized. This one is for internal medicine only. We would have to take Ashlyn to Regensburg in an emergency.

Here is the view behind the high school. Farm area .

I meant to take pictures of some of the lovely gardens around here, but I was worn out from trying to take pictures while Ranger was pulling. I'll take some later.


Grandma Harris said...

Love the pictures! I remember vending machines for flowers when I lived there. German's were really big on taking a gift when they went to someones home so you could buy them at any time. Of couse there weren't 24 hour stores so vending machines were very popular.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures also! I definitely get that old world fairy-tale feeling from several of them. Thanks for sharing!

Arkansas Amanda

Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

Beautiful little German village! Thanks so much for the pictures. I'm ready to come stay at that hotel and live on beer and noodles! If you like walking then you definitely need to try the volksmarches! Germans take their walking (and beer) very seriously. I envy you all and miss you too. Such a beautiful place. Love, B/D/P

Katie said...

It looks so beautiful there!!! I am so excited for y'all!