Monday, April 30, 2007


We have a wasp's nest on our patio. I wasn't too worried about it when I noticed it a few days ago, and figured I would call about it, eventually. Then, this morning, Allen discovered this in our guest bedroom.

If you can't see what I'm talking about, here is a better view.

We started to close the windows (no screens, and I'm not sure that we can put screens on those windows. It is going to be HOT up there this summer) then realized that they would be trapped inside, plus one was flying around near the window. I told Allen that he needed to take that bag outside. As he moved it, of course another one flew out. We decided to just close the door. And, I called housing today, emphasizing that we had a nest INSIDE our house. The house meister will be here this evening.


Anonymous said...


I got stung on the riding mower last fall, so I HATE WASPS!

Hope someone comes to get it out for you very SOON!


Katie said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they FIX that and get you some SCREENS. Asap.

sara said...

YIKES!!! Hope they get rid of it ASAP!