Saturday, April 28, 2007

I REALLY DO want your opinion

I've never had these kinds of heaters before. I guess they are radiators, but seem different than ones that I have seen before (generally, I've only seen radiators in home improvement shows from the east coast.) Anyway, instead of a central place to control your heat, there is a radiator (or two or three) in each room. That isn't my problem, though. My question is how should I paint around the radiator. In our bedroom, the radiators are small and kind of cut into the wall, so I just left the small area around it white. (By the way, the walls are yellow, they look kind of weird in this picture.)Since the radiator is on this side wall in the guest room, I think I might be able to get away with leaving this wall white. (On a side note, there is this odd cut out area in the guest room. I'm sure it is from pipes or something. I think it would be perfect for a time out seat, but it's in the wrong room.)
However, in the living room, I'm pretty sure that it will look weird if I leave that wall white. So, what do you think, can I get by with leaving any of these walls white? If I paint those walls, should I try to paint around the radiator? Or do I need to paint the whole wall? I think I know that answer. Those radiators just are not close enough to the wall to avoid painting. If we owned this house, I would absolutely paint those walls behind the radiator, but I am (probably) going to have to repaint all of these walls in one to three years. Ok, tell me what you think.


Tracy said...


I think you should not paint behind the raditors...Just paint up close to them and then move on. It may look strange, but you will get use to it....and it will make repainting easier.


Anonymous said...

HOW HARD WOULD it be to disconnect them and hook them back up when you finished? From the pictures it looks like one pipe into the raditor and one pipe out. The wcs to happen is you might have to cantact a plumber to hook them back up so tell allen to break out the tools and go down to the local hardware store and buy some teflon tape.

Angie said...

I WILL NOT be mving the radiator to paint behind it. It would be much easier to just stick my brush back there.

home improvement guy said...

A small diameter paint roller on a long handle would be better than a brush wouldn't it? The suggestion to remove the radiators made me think that you should contact the post DPW and ask if the raditors need servicing and maintenance. If they do then it may be advantageous to remove them: you can get your painting done a little easier and you would get your radiators serviced before winter and before you get all your furniture set up the way you want it. Otherwise just do the best you can to paint the colors you want around and behind the radiators in place. Any color but white would be my recommendation and I know you'll pick some good ones! It does make a lot of difference. Better get busy! Love, B/D/P

Katie said...

I think you should measure straight lines around them (so it kind of looks like the ones in your bedroom) and then leave that portion white! Your house looks cool! I want to see more pictures!