Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ashlyn Update

There have been so many new and cute things that Ashlyn is doing lately that I've wanted to share.

Ashlyn's latest favorites:

favorite song: Twinkle, Twinkle, though she says it "kinkle, kinkle" Her next part of the song has varied from "star" to "how I wawwer" to "up a." It is the ONLY song she wants to be sung at bedtime, though she still likes ABC at other times during the day.

book: Hey! Wake Up Ashlyn LOVES this book. We call it her Happy day book. Her favorite parts are the page where the big guys are told to "shimmy, shimmy" and the next page, where it says Happy Morning Everyone! She says shimmy, shimmy and dances on the first page, and waves her arms, saying Happy, happy on the other page. It is so cute!

food: cracker, though cracker means cracker, cookie, and granola bar

water, though, again, water just means something to drink

apple, though apple never means apple, It usually means some type of fruit, though sometimes yogurt (it has pictures of fruit on it.)

Ashlyn loves to go "side" (outside) where she likes to go on the "lide" (slide.) Fortunately, there is one down the street. She also wants mommy or daddy to go up as well.

Ashlyn in our backyard, checking out the big kids in their yard.

Oh, she went pee-pee on the potty (could I sound any dumber?) but only once and she has shown no interest since then, though she is very clear to let me know when she needs a diaper change.

Since going to Arkansas, apparently cows and boats made quite an impression. She keeps saying cow every time we drive past a field, though I haven't seen a cow since we've been here. She spent maybe two hours on Paw Paw's boat, but now she also thinks planes and helicopters are boats or "boap." I'll say, "no, that's a helicopter." Ashlyn will then reply, "Boap, on wa-wer." Ok, whatever kid. Oh, other misunderstandings, today Ashlyn was messing with her spoons in the dishwasher and I asked her if she was cleaning. She looked at me, pointed at herself, and said "I'm Ashlyn."

Dyeing Easter eggs

Ashlyn and our new neighbor Paloma, who just turned two, on Easter. Another two year old girl lives in the next set of houses.


Shelly said...

I was so happy to get your email and I love your blog. I'll be sure to check it every so often. I'm glad you are getting settled in and have a house! We leave for Kansas at the end of June and will keep you posted. Brenda left last week. I'm still bumming about that. Talk to you soon and tell Ashlyn that she looks so pretty!!!

Laura said...

It was so good to talk to you last night. Glad you finally have a house and INTERNET!!! I have missed your blog.

I laughed out loud when reading about calling Ashlyn "Cleaning." Kids are the best!

Good luck with all those stairs. I am such a clutz, I would be on my face too many times to count. Better you than me.

Anonymous said...

That tree is beautiful! I Google Earth'd Parsburg and I am deeply jealous of how close you are to Everything Awesome About Europe. Of course, you're probably a little more focused on getting settled in where you are at the moment!

Ashlyn is such a pretty girl and the "cleaning" story took me just a second to get and now I am still laughing. Beth is actually laying in her crib barking herself to sleep as I type this. Loudly.

We're thinking about you in Arkansas!


KimS said...

Is it possible that she looks older than she did when she was in Arkansas already?

Love the foofy pigtails!