Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Stairs, stairs, and more stairs

Ok, we are in our house, with loaner furniture. Once we have our furniture and other stuff, I'll post pictures. Until then, a quick description. The house is approximately 1350 square feet, divided among 3 floors, plus we have a basement, so that is 4 floors, 3 sets of stairs. I'll either learn to keep everything I need on one floor or get skinny running up and down fifty times a day. So far, I'm doing the running thing, though there are very few items on any floors. I'm sure it will get worse once we have stuff.

Our laundry room is in the basement, with a bit of storage. The main floor has a teeny bathroom, with the smallest sink I've seen in a home. Our kitchen, dining, and living room are also on the main floor. The second floor has two bedrooms and a full bath, and the third floor has one bedroom, a bath with a shower, and another storage room, which may become a studio/playroom, if possible. Our first floor has laminate flooring in the main area, with tile of different types in the laundry, bathrooms, kitchen, and stairs. We have an industrial grade carpet in the bedrooms. Fortunately, it will be replaced after we move out, so it won't matter how many times Ranger (or Ashlyn) pees on it. We do not have any regular closets, though there are armoires (I guess that's what you would call them) in each room. Though we have a decent amount of living space, I am going to miss my large walk-in closet.

This is the closet for our bedroom.

We do not have a garage, or a front yard. There is basically just a parking area in front our houses. We do have a fenced backyard, with a tree. Though it definitely takes some getting used to after our last home, I think I'm going to enjoy being in a neighborhood. So far, it is very quiet, but we will see.

Our backyard, Ashlyn has since pulled the rest of the flowers.

We are living in a small village about 15 minutes from post. We are within a short (about 10-15 min) walking distance from the center of the city, with a few restaurants, shops, and hospital. We are also about two minutes from the train station, which will be nice for travel. We are living on a street with 3 other American families, and the next street over has another set of leased American housing. The rest of the neighbors are German. The neighbors we've met have been incredibly friendly, too.


Heather said...

Angie, I'm so excited for you guys! Hearing about your experiences brings back so many memories! I SO remember the housing and the parking, etc etc! Enjoy all the bakareis (sp?)(bakeries) and the many great restaurants! The train is a great thing! You're going to have a blast!!! I miss you guys! Oh guess what, we're staying in AK!!! Yikes! Talk to you later.

Vicki/Grandma Harris said...

I believe those are called shrunks, although I could be spelling it wrong. I remember them but the one I had was larger, really well made and more ornate.

We had such a great time having you visit (other than everyone except me getting sick) and now we're looking forward to visiting you in Germany. Hope you have room for company!