Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Love the Internet

It took me a few hours of trying to get online, including restarting my computer and turning off the power source for a short time, to figure out that yes, the internet is just not working. We sometimes just have problems with our computer, but I was a little slow on figuring it out today. I kept trying, though. Surely, we weren't going to be without internet all day! Then, I tried calling a friend of mine in Florida, the phone was busy for an hour. Hmmm. That seemed strange. I called my parents and Allen's mom. Their phones were also busy. Ok, so apparently, my long distance is also not working. I called my long distance and internet provider. The phone there only rings once, and is then dead. I grabbed my cell phone. Now, I usually don't have great signal at the house, but I had no service. All of the sudden, I am feeling very isolated. I tend to feel somewhat isolated living in the middle of this frozen, sparsely populated state anyway, but the phone and internet are my links to the "real" world. I have online shopping to do. I have blogs and emails and other random online things to read. How am I going to email Allen? He is going to think I've deserted him! What am I going to do in an emergency? Breathe. Call a local friend.

Thank goodness I don't have my local phone service through GCI, though I'm not sure why this outage affected my cell service as well.


Katie said...

I know! I have a cell one cell phone and it didn't work. I tried calling local people and their phones were busy. It was SCARY. What if we needed to call an ambulance? Very scary!!

Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

I hope that your phone and internet problems have cleared up and you are back to staying in touch with those you need. Love, Bob/Dad/Pawpaw

C and J said...

Glad you're back on.