Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another Bad Idea, brought you by Crayola

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I love Crayola! As far as children's drawing supplies are concerned, it is the best. Crayola crayons are the only ones worth purchasing. Every other brand I've tried is too waxy and doesn't have near as brilliant color. Plus, there is just nothing better than a brand new box of crayons. Seeing new crayons makes me think of starting a new year of school. I loved the first day of school. I liked the idea of starting over. And, I loved new supplies. My crayons were still perfectly sharp. I had rearranged them in color order. I was ready. As an art teacher, I loved getting the huge box of new crayons. (I think I bought an 800 pack.) By this point, I didn't organize the crayons, in part because I had learned the value of broken crayons. In part, because that was just ridiculous. I think it was the only thing I was ever anal about. Ok, back to my point. Crayola markers are also the best brand, unless you want to spend A LOT of money on art markers that are $2 a piece.
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However, crayola also makes some STUPID products, mostly meant to allow children to have art supplies without making a mess. I am all for low mess products. Washable markers and paint, both great ideas. Color Wonder markers and paint-Stupid. If you are not familiar with the product, Color wonder markers can only mark on color wonder paper. So, you don't get markers everywhere. This product doesn't seem too terrible to me, more of just a marketing scam, because of course, to use Crayola's Color Wonder markers, you must also purchase Crayola's color wonder paper. Just buy the washable markers already. The color wonder finger paint, however, is a truly ridiculous product. Just like the color wonder markers, color wonder finger paint can only mark on color wonder paper. So, just like in one of their ads, when your child is finger painting on your white carpet it won't show up. Why would you allow your child to finger paint on your white carpet? Why would you HAVE white carpet? Ok, not the point. Washable paint is great, because kids make a mess. However, they aren't learning how to use paint and keep from making a mess using the color wonder paint. What is the point if you must continue to use the color wonder stuff, where apparently, they could wipe their hands on your furniture without it showing up? And, they just don't get the feel of REAL paint. I am ok with a bit of a mess. It can be contained. Your kids can finger paint just in the kitchen. Go ahead and teach them that now, rather than allowing them to paint directly onto your white carpet.

Crayola's newest bad idea (and I say newest, though I'm not really sure how long they've been around. I am just now familiar with them.) is washable crayons. Seems like a good idea, right? When your kid draws on the wall, you can wash it off. I bought Ashlyn a pack of jumbo crayons, washable. I have never seen such a mess with crayons in all my life! The washable crayons are soft and dissolve in water. So, when Ashlyn puts them in her mouth, they get even softer, more like paint sticks. She loves them! This is her art work from earlier in the day.

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And, this is her mouth, filled with crayon bits.

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Right after taking this picture, the bits of crayon came out of her mouth, and made a huge soft, crayony mess all of her clothes. I had to brush the crayon bits off her teeth. Good thing they are washable!


C and J said...

Yuck, I don't imagine that crayons taste too good. Did Ashlyn seem to care? I remember trying glue back in the day, but not crayons.

Cute pictures and thanks for the heads up on washable crayons. Although, by the time "Junior" colors they will probable have something else.

Angie said...

They must not have tasted too bad, or she wouldn't have kept putting them in her mouth! I could not convince her to stop eating them.

Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

Who taught Ashlyn to open her mouth to show what's inside while she is eating...?!
Outrageously funny! :O Love, Bob/Dad/Pawpaw

Katie said...

AAAAAAAACK! Holy crap! That is nasty! Did it wash out of everything? Including tooth enamel?

Brad said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Best picture yet! Well done Ashlyn!