Saturday, September 30, 2006

Homecoming Update part II

To the Families of the 172nd,
This extension has been challenging and we thank you for everything you do; the prayers, the notes and letters of support (and the care packages), and everything you are doing to support the great Soldiers of the Arctic Wolf brigade. We received an update this morning and conducted a VTC with the FRG advisors just as soon as we could today. The 172nd SBCT will redeploy from Iraq along with the other Brigade Combat Teams of the 4th Division. We anticipate our transition of authority will be on / about 3 December for the brigade. Let me caveat that with it could move right a little and that the actual dates are event driven. There could be some adjustment of the timeline. This typically means some battalion sized units will move before the brigade TOA date (whenever it’s set) and some will move after. We will be working over the next week to develop a more detailed timeline. The 4th Brigade 1st Cavalry Division will relieve the 172nd SBCT in Baghdad. The Arctic Wolves should depart theater and arrive back in Alaska by mid-December in order not to exceed the 120 day extension. I will send redeployment updates as I receive additional information and as this develops. If you have any questions, please contact MAJ Jeff Burrell, our brigade rear detachment coordinator. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of our recovering Soldiers and our fallen comrades. Their sacrifice and courage will never be forgotten. While thanks doesn’t seem to adequately capture the essence of what I am trying to say, thanks and bless you for all you do.

Very Respectfully,

Col Mike Shields
Commander, 172nd SBCT
Baghdad, Iraq

We were hoping for earlier, but at least we will (unless things change again) have Allen back for Christmas.


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Wow, I'm very suprised they actually committed to anything in writing! That is great news!

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It's about damn time!!