Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Grandparents, Leaves, and Good News

Accessorizing our feet

Paw Paw and Grandma (Bob and Vicki) got here VERY early Sunday morning. They have been working hard on spoiling Ashlyn, and are doing a good job of that. Whenever Ashlyn falls down they are right there to hug her and make a big deal out of her "fake crying." (When she falls down in front of Mom, I just say, "you're ok, get back up," and she does.) So, within one day of them arriving, Ashlyn was falling down on purpose, just to watch their reaction and get more hugs. Ashlyn isn't the steadiest walker yet, so she was already falling a lot on accident. Now that she is falling on purpose, it gets a little ridiculous. She is definitely enjoying being the center of attention all day long. They also brought her a new purse, including new jewelry (bracelets and rings,) a cell phone, and keys. She has been enjoying putting the bracelets on her feet.

Yesterday, Ashlyn pointed at me and said "Momma." Then, she pointed at herself, and said "Ashlyn." I was so excited that she could say her name. Every new thing she can do is exciting. We raked leaves after dinner. Ashlyn had a great time playing in them.

Grandma enjoyed playing in the leaves, too.

Paw Paw tried to get Ashlyn to help rake.

For those of you who didn't know this, Allen was put into a new functional area in August. Basically, the Army was telling him that he was going to have to do a different job for the rest of his Army career. This not only meant that he would have to do a different job, but we had no idea where we were moving in just a few months. Naturally, he appealed their decision, and HE WON THE APPEAL! He gets to stay as an Infantry officer, and we get to keep our assignment in Hohenfels, Germany. YEAH! His report date is April 1st, so we will be moving in March.


Laura said...

I love the picture of Ashlyn in the leaves and while I am ultra excited for you to be going to Germany, I'm really bummed that you are moving in March. :(

C and J said...

Wow!! April 1 huh? Maybe you will be able to see the little one before you leave. I called tonight but... I need to do homework so don't worry about calling me right away.
Love the pictures.
Allen, good for you. I am glad that you are getting what you want from the Army. You deserve it!

I can't wait to visit Germany!!

Katie said...

That is wonderful news! Congratulations. Its the LEAST the Army could do for him, if you ask me--given all the sacrifices you all are making! And Germany will be great.

Cute pictures...and I can't believe she said her name! Did she pronounce it right and everything?

Angie said...

Well, each sound was not correct, but it was definitely her name. She repeated it a few times, too.

Lysandra said...

Yea! Germany! Sooooo cool. I am jealous.