Tuesday, August 08, 2006


So, when do you stop being flexible enough to just reach up and absentmindely scratch your head with your foot?? Speaking of Ashlyn's feet, I have not had to trim her toenails, ever. She was born needing her fingernails trimmed, and I have done it many, many times since, then. But, not toenails. Doesn't that seem weird?


Laura said...

That's so weird about her toe nails. I trim Bo's quite often. Maybe with all her flexibility, she chews them off at night.

Katie said...

Funny you say that! I have never had to trim Becca's toenails either. In fact, she is often shredding them and making them peel off way down low (painful!) by--well--by whatever it is she does with her feet!

Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

I am not so sure ALL babies can scratch thier head with thier toes - Ashlyn may have a special talent! Take her to a gymnastics coach and start her training for the 2020 Olympics!