Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fight Song

I pulled down the animated Razorback on Friday. Ashlyn loves the fight song, and wants it to play over and over, so she can dance to it. She does not want to call the Hogs, though. She doesn't quite have the cheering concept down.

Today, she started sticking her fingers in Ranger's eye. I told her no and pulled her hand back. So, she laughed and did it again and again every time I told her no. After a few times, she moved away from me and poked him in the other eye! What a good dog, though. Ranger hardly twitched while he was being tortured. He just tried to close his eyes.


Katie said...

Poor Ranger! I am suprised he doesn't run when he sees her coming now!

Bob/dad/Pawpaw said...

I am so looking forward to seeing Ashlyn dance - I am sure I could watch her dance all day long!