Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Break Up!

Spring! Except in Alaska, we don't really have spring, we have break-up. Basically, while everyone else has green and flowering trees, we get slush and mud. Ugly. The rest of the year, it is quite pretty here, but not now. On the plus side, winter is so long, that the warmth makes up for the ugliness. Plus, it is getting so nice very quickly. When we got home last weekend, it was terrible. We had a hard time getting down our driveway and road to go to church. It was just muddy and slushy. By the next day, most of the snow was gone from the road. Now, our road isn't even muddy. We went on a long walk today. Warm temperatures (50's) without mosquitoes. We loved it. I knew it was warm when Ranger decided it was time to lie in the driveway and sun himself. He spends most of the summer doing this. Now, we are just waiting for summer. Leaf day will be here soon. I can't wait!

This has nothing to do with break up, but I thought they were funny. Notice that Armand is trying to get away from Ashlyn.

Obviously, he was unsuccessful.

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