Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Baby Boom!

This is Christal, New Mama-to-Be

Ok, if you haven't already heard, we will have two new additions to our family in November. We found out that Brad and Christal (Allen's younger brother. They live in Australia.) are having their 1st baby in November. Later we learned that Matt and Sharon (Allen's older brother) are having their 4th (yes, 4th) baby in November. So, our family is having their very own baby boom! Unfortunately, at that same time we will be moving to Germany, so seeing all of these people often will be difficult while we are all on different continents. (Thank you for the internet.)

Below are the other new baby's older siblings. When the new baby arrives, Hannah will be 9, Hayes will be nearly 7, and Makena will be 3.


Dad/Bob/Pawpaw said...

Christal and flowers - two beautiful! Dad/Bob/Pawpaw

Grandma Harris said...

Speaking of about those 3 children!