Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ashlyn is growing up

Ashlyn is so excited! Of course, she has no idea what to do with this.

Ashlyn can do SO MANY new things right now. I am so amazed with her. While we were in Hawaii, she got better and better at clapping. I felt like she started doing it at first on accident. Then, it was imitation, or when anyone said, yeah! Now, it seems like she does it when she is excited. Ok, minor thing, but I love it. In addition to clapping, she also learned to sit up on her own and crawl.

Oddly enough, since coming back to Alaska, she has started kind of low-crawling. The first time, she didn't want to put her ball down, and she could crawl on her elbows, while still holding on to the ball. Then, she started dragging her feet some of the time. So, she does variations of crawling.

I think Jake was hoping that Ashlyn would get the treats out of the kong for him.

This new mobility has meant changes in our house for sure. The childproofing has begun. Multiple dog toys have already been in her mouth, and she is playing with the dog's dishes. I don't know what to do about those.

"Must not let go of the ball"
On Tuesday, she started taking steps. Of course, it was while holding on to Chris's fingers, but it was still exciting to me. On Thursday, she pulled herself up. She is just learning new things every day. Yesterday morning she was trying as hard as she could to hold on to this large purple ball while crawling. It was quite the challenge.

Today Ashlyn received a scratch from the cat. When I heard her cry, though, I realized that the cat had shown restraint. It was just a little scratch, and she was laying on the cat and pulling around his neck. Of course, Ashlyn didn't learn not to bother the cat. She continued to follow him around all morning.

We'll see what new things she can do next week.


Katie said...

We need to figure out how to get video clips on here, because you need to get a clip of Ashlyn crawling with that big purple ball!The picture doesn't really do it justice!

Thank you for dinner!

Vicki said...

Keep the dog - get rid of the cat!