Friday, June 17, 2011

First Baseball Game

Christopher was so excited about playing baseball! He was running in place and talking about it all day! This is before the game.

It's the FLAMES, not lame!

This is when baseball is going to be the most fun, I think. Or at least, the funniest.

Christopher is in the center of the photo here, sort of short stop position. Noone was throwing the ball towards the bases to get anyone "out." Every player was in the field, and when the ball was hit, about 5 or 6 would scramble to tackle the ball and hold it up in the air to be returned to the tee.  Christopher mostly just stood there.

This is Christopher spinning around in a circle, attempting to hit the ball.

This is just as Christopher was about to hit the ball and trudge to first base. Hitting the ball is fun, running the bases, not so much.

Apparently , we are too cool to pose for more photos.


Myrtle said...

So cute, looks like he is having a great time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pictures! Pawpaw

Laura said...

Love it! We signed Bo up for soccer this summer and he wouldn't even go out on the field. Too shy. So frustrating!!

Anonymous said...

is the name of his team the lame's ?

Angie said...

No, read the caption under the picture. They are the Flames.