Friday, July 23, 2010

Family Tour

A couple of weeks ago, I headed with my mom and kids on a mini family tour. We first drove to Denver, hitting the Denver zoo the first day we were there. We enjoyed seeing family (my aunt, uncle and cousins all live in the Denver area.) However, we managed to be there when everyone was sick! The whole group was never together, so I didn't end up with pics of everyone.

My cousin Dawn, with her husband, Brad.

Fortunately, the kids weren't sick, so Ashlyn and Christopher were able to enjoy playing with my cousin, Janelle's daughter, Paige.

Next on our tour, was a stop in the big city of Syliva, KS to see my grandparents.
Grandpa was a good sport when Christopher would say, "Play ball with me."
Grandma gave my kids all of her hats.

Next, we drove to Newton, KS to see more cousins, Kim and Kylene.
Kim gave birth the next day to Derek James, younger brother to Emma. Kylene has twin 3 year old boys and a one year old boy. Here she is with Wyatt.
The group: Emma, Ashlyn, Christopher, Wyatt, Colton, and Brody.
Emma and Christopher, hugging bye. They are just a couple of months apart.
After leaving cousins, we stopped at the Brockway home in Wichita, where we ended up swimming and eating pizza.
Ethan, Sydney, Ashlyn, and Joshua.


Kimberly V. said...

oh, man. what a whirly trip. I am so glad you got to visit Kriste!!! What fun I bet that was, catching up and letting the kids play. I would love to see her new house. I am so sad she had to leave Nixa, though, because my sister really enjoyed her, and Sydney and Natalie had become such good friends.

Natalie said...

Wow. Whirlwind vacation!

Love Ashlyn's dresses.

Oh, and I LOVE the Denver Zoo. Very cute - brought Liv there when she was just under two. We'll have to go back next time we're in Colorado (we have family there too).

Anonymous said...

Ashlyn looks definitely more excited than WC about Grandma's hats. In fact WC looks downright doubtful about wearing the hats, but he is s good sport too, like his great-grandpa. Thanks for posting the pics, Bob

Anonymous said...

Wow Angie, that's so awesome! I SO look forward to being able to travel around to see family! And what fun to get to do it with your mom!! I hope you guys had a great time!! I'm super jealous! :) HK