Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Berry Picking

Blueberries were always my favorite thing to pick as a child. We spent much more time blackberry picking, which I hated. They were wild all around our house, but they were full of thorns, so we had to dress in long shirts and pants to pick them. I also didn't really care for blackberries, either. Blueberries were picked at the farm, in neatly spaced rows, with mowed stretches between. And they were SO good.

When I was 14, I also "worked" at the blueberry farm. I was paid $2 per bucket of blueberries. Since, I was pretty slow, that worked out to about $2 an hour.

I didn't really think my kids would enjoy picking blueberries, not yet. Christopher lasted about 15 minutes before he was done. He then finished eating the blueberries in his bucket and started eating handfuls out of mine. Ashlyn last about 45 minutes, before she started wandering off.

I still managed to pick a couple of bucketfuls before we left, hot, dirty and full of blueberries.


The Matthaidess' said...

I love berry picking! Blueberries don't start until Monday for us. Can't wait!

The Capozzoli Clan said...

We loved strawberry picking and the boys are waiting for the blueberries to come in. It is fun...all the cooking afterwards can be a bit much. But overall it is so worth it.

Natalie said...

Great pics. My kids barely lasted 15 mins when we went strawberry picking earlier this month. Looks like they had fun - I mean, who doesn't?! Yummy!