Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Leavenworth pics

Allen's old battalion commander is at Fort Leavenworth, too. Chuck and Caroline (plus fam) are moving to Fort Lewis this summer for his brigade command. I'm glad that we got to see them while we are close.
(this picture looked in focus on picasa, I swear.)

The McQuiltons are moving to Heidelberg, Germany this summer. I didn't get any decent pics of our kids together.
We were also able to see our next door neighbors from Germany. Ashlyn took a bit to warm up to others, but not Bella. They immediately ran and played like they'd done in Germany.
Christopher and Harrison are only 5 weeks apart. They've both changed a bunch since we saw them last.
Always with the silly faces.
Damon and Allen
with Laura


Myrtle said...

Ashlyn and Bella, two peas in a pod.

Anonymous said...

I remember Bella from our trip to Germany. Beautiful little girls. Those were good times and are good memories. Thankfully I have that. Pawpaw

sara said...

Looks like everyone had a great visit! I love getting to spend time with old friends.