Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fish On!

This past weekend, we drove to Fort Leavenworth, KS to visit friends. We know several people who are there, many of whom are moving this summer.

We stayed with Jason, Laurie and kids. We joined Robbie, Kelly and kids for the post kids fishing derby. Kelly had a few poles that the kids shared. Really, the kids spent most of their time doing this:

While the adults fished using princess and barbie fishing poles.

Sometimes the kids were just along to watch. (Robbie and Eavan.)
Of course, we did have two very small boys with us. Donnie is two months old.

And Josiah is not quite 4 months.
At one point, pretty much everyone was under cover. It was raining.
The kids had fun anyway. (Christopher and Ashlyn with Paige and Addison.)
The kids perked up a bit before the end of the derby when Christopher caught our first fish! He was so proud.
Maddie caught the second fish, but wanted nothing to do with it.
Christopher ended up being the biggest "catch of the day" after he fell in the pond.


Harrisonjoy said...

I love Christopher's fish!! I can't believe he fell, wait...yes, I CAN believe he fell in.

Natalie said...

I LOVE the picture of Allen and Christopher with the fish!

My hair was such a wreck on the day you came. Ack! I cut it short (shorter than it was) recently and it really needs to be washed and styled every day (which I didn't do the morning you came). Which is why I grew it out years ago. To grow it back out or not...

Myrtle said...

Christopher looks very pleased with himself and Allen a proud dad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the incredible photos and captions. Just like we were there! Ashlyn and Christopher were the best dressed for foul weather fishing! Little boys and ponds are like magnets, there's no keeping them apart. Pawpaw