Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Ashlyn was so excited about Halloween! She has been talking about it to EVERYONE. "I'm going to be a beagle doggie, like my doggie, Ranger."
Ashlyn painted our pumpkins. She started crying after she painted the mouth, because it was "scary." (The eyes are black, the mouth blue.) She then got over it, as she continued to paint the entire pumpkin. And, the little ones, too.
Christopher looks a bit goth with his first painting experience.

Christopher's tail kept dragging, so he would carry it.

Rather than go from house to house at night, we opted to trick or treat downtown Martinez. This was Ashlyn's third trick or treating this week. We'd already been to the parade at Todos Santos last Sunday, and her preschool class went to the city offices on Friday, where she got a huge stash of candy! (Allen has now organized Ashlyn's candy into "candy that he wants to eat" and "candy he doesn't want to eat.)
The kids also sang some Halloween songs in English and Spanish that they've been learning this month. (Notice Ashlyn is the only little girl not wearing a dress.)

Christopher probably should have dressed as a hockey player this year. Week before last was a bit rough for him. First he chipped his two front teeth. Before the week was out, he had also swallowed what we believed to be a magnet (turned out to be a penny,) and had a black eye from falling off of the bathroom counter. I'll be accepting my mother of the year award next week.

The left eye is more swollen in this picture than black.

Allen celebrated his 34th birthday last week. Ashlyn decided that he should have an eye cake. Usually he has a birthday pie, but we went with the eye cake this year.


The Dunns said...

What a couple of cute little doggies! Christopher's goth look is awesome. I think that should be permanent. :)

Sounds like a rough week with Christopher. Did everything with the penny end up ok? Ah, life with boys!

The eye cake is hilarious!

The Matthaidess' said...

Love the costumes! Maybe next year Tate will dress up. We'll have to see.

The pumpkins are adorable! She has a real artistic touch like Mommy!

Katie said...

There were so many hilarious parts to this that I cannot even comment on them all. An EYE CAKE? Where did THAT come from? Too funny.

I am GLAD to see a girl dressed as something other than a dumb princess. I am so frappin' SICK of princess costumes!

Natalie said...

I think it's sweet that she cried while painting.

Eye cake? From a movie or something?

Jackson said...

LOVE that she wanted to be like her Ranger dog - also great that they got to go trick or treating with her class.
I still think the eye cake is somewhat weird, but whatever works!

Farrah said...

This might be the best blog entry I've seen. :)

Angie said...

An eye cake IS weird. I have no idea where Ashlyn got the idea. I just made the cake.

Anonymous said...

Both very cute little doggies! I now see why they got hot in them too!! It just doesn't look "right" that they are trick or treating in the light with no snow!! :)

I agree with the unusual eye cake comments!! Kids come up with interesting ideas, huh!

Happy Birthday Allen!

On the note of Christopher swallowing the penny, I have now learned that it is possible to swallow and pass marbles! So, Sydney too chipped her tooth (as I told you before) and in the last 4 days I have found TWO marbles (on different days) in her diaper!!! So, it looks like we should look to each other to see what kind of mischief our youngest children will be getting into next!

FYI: All marbles (that I have found so far) have been REMOVED permanently from my boys' games and toys!! Love to you all! Us

Fuzzy, aka Kim said...

Love the Mother of the Year comment. I feel that way too sometimes... yet there is no way possible to keep an eye on them at all times. I think God has angels in part just to keep toddlers from poisoning/crushing/choking themselves on a daily basis.

Myrtle said...

What is the eye made of????

Angie said...

The eye is just frosting.

Anonymous said...

Great blogging Angie! Bob/Dad/Pawpaw