Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Again no pictures

On our second full day here, I was sitting in the park, watching the kids play. The weather was beautiful, and I found myself thinking, "I'm not going to want to leave here."

We've moved a lot: six different states/countries in the time we've been married, plus a couple of home changes at those places. I don't move well. I can unpack quickly, even have a bit of a system, (though there always ends up with unpacked boxes somewhere.) That's not the part I mean. I tend to be "homesick" for the last place, the old friends, old job, etc. I eventually settle in, make friends, and the new place is home.

I have barely gotten things in order. We don't have living room furniture. I haven't actually met anyone, much less made friends. Somehow, I feel differently here. I know, I've been here less than a week, but the place has definitely made a very positive impression so far. I'm not even sure what it is that I like so much.

Ashlyn makes friends in just seconds, though. Today she just started running after a girl about her age. They were giggling and holding hands. Ashlyn came to tell me that she had a friend. She never learned her name, but still talked about her friends at the park. She included two other little girls who she just saw there. From a child who didn't speak AT ALL at daycare for the first 3 years of her life, she has really blossomed into a friendly little thing. She tells people on the elevator or park, that her "dog is Ranger, and he belongs to her. But she doesn't have two dogs, just one. Granny has two dogs. Her name is Joy. Her dogs are Bubba and Penny. This is my brother. He's Christopher. I'm big, but he's little...."


Katie said...

I'm so glad you already feel at home there. That is awesome. I'm the same way as you (usually) are...the last place was always the best place. Until I move. Then it was THAT last place. Crazy!

Very cute about Ashlyn talking to everyone!

Natalie said...

Ashlyn is cute! Liv makes friends easily too and has begun to talk about how sad she's going to be about leaving her friends behind when she moves.

I know how you feel about "that" place. I blog about here and I'm not sure some people understand how I feel. They misinterpret it to believe that I will be miserable in Kansas and that's not it at all. I'm "home" here. It's very simple. I will embrace whatever place I call home next. However, Portugal has been my "it" place. Not only could I live here the rest of my life, it will, most likely, be my favorite duty station. I feel comfortable and at ease. But, really, words cannot describe how I feel exactly b/c I just don't know what it is about this place. It's all encompassing. I've embraced it in ways I never even embraced Vermont, where I was born and raised. So, I understand how you may be starting to feel about your new home. Sometimes, there isn't words to define what we feel...

Anonymous said...

Please don't like it too much out there...we want you closer!


Harrisongranny said...

Angie...I am so glad to hear that you might be liking your place to live! Allen had emailed me that he thought you were beginning to feel it a YAY!!

I think it's hilarious that Ashlyn and Jackson both talk about Bubba and Penny...and never forget them...even though Bubba hates them to death! (he's a Chihuahua, folks!)
I love it that she's remembering...and telling people. CUTE!

sara said...

I love how kids make friends! Max will make friends at the park & talk about them weeks or months later, even if we never see them again! I'm glad you're starting to feel more at home but I'm with Vicki, just a little closer would be good. Hugs to all!

Laura said...

Kids are hilarious.

I'm so glad you feel "at home" especailly after the disapointment of not living close to your family. That's huge.

Now we just need to see pics of this place. I know your camera is not packed.